Inventing Anna: Must Watch Series After Season 1

 The Netflix series Inventing Anna, created by Shonda Rhimes, should come with a warning label: Once you start bingeing, it’s virtually difficult to stop. The soundtrack is incredible, the attire is flawless, and every moment is enthralling.

You can almost understand why people gravitated to Anna Delvey as a spectator. Who wouldn’t want to be a part of the lavish world she concocted? the Instagram-famous heiress who robbed New York’s elites of their hearts and money She has everything that money could buy. Rhimes’ overall Netflix deal includes a nine-part true-crime series.

The release date for Inventing Anna is February 11, 2022. It’s safe to assume that all episodes of Inventing Anna will be accessible on this day, as is Netflix’s typical routine.

The video brilliantly proclaims, “This is a fully real story, except for the bits that are completely made up,” as it depicts a reporter attempting to put together how Anna Delvey/manufactured Sorokin’s a New York socialite who defrauded the elite out of millions of dollars.

We’ve made a list of the top 7 Series to Watch After ‘Inventing Ana’ Season 1:

Home Before Dark

Apple has commissioned a Hilde Lysiak-inspired series. The narrative is based on Lysiak’s story, according to a number of publications. The main character’s name has been changed from Hilde Lysiak to Hilde Lisko in the series, and Brooklynn Prince plays Hilde.

Hilde Lisko, a young investigative journalist, relocates with her family to the little village where her father formerly lived, only to uncover terrible mysteries in her quest for the truth.

Money Heist

The Professor, a criminal mastermind, has devised a scheme to carry off the largest robbery in history: printing billions of euros in the Royal Mint of Spain.

He selects eight individuals with specific skills and no stake in the outcome to assist him in carrying out the ambitious plan. To aid in their negotiations with the police and to catch the Professor, the group of criminals kidnaps people. A showdown between the outlaws and the police is looming as time passes.

How To Get Away With Murder

Annalise Keating (Viola Davis, Oscar and Tony winner) is a bright, charming, and seductive defense lawyer who offers a class called How to Get Away With Murder.

Annalise, who is also a criminal defense attorney, chooses a group of students who are the finest and brightest to help her with cases at her company, alongside her workers, Frank Delfino, who is trustworthy and discreet, and Bonnie Winterbottom, an associate attorney. Mysteries emerge, putting everyone’s limitations to the test and revealing frightening realities.


Elite is a Netflix original Spanish series. A big ensemble cast portrays pupils at an upper-class secondary school as well as three misfits in the series. The conflict between them and the wealthier pupils results in the death of one of them.

Sharp Objects

This eight-episode series is based on Gillian Flynn’s, New York Times bestselling novel of the same name. It chronicles the narrative of writer Camille Preaker (Adams), who returns to her tiny hometown to cover the killings of two teenage girls.

She finds herself relating with the young victims a little too deeply as she tries to piece together a psychological jigsaw from her past. Along with Amy Adams, Patricia Clarkson, Chris Messina, Eliza Scanlen, Elizabeth Perkins, and Matt Craven star. Jean-Marc Vallée directed the film, which was based on Marti Noxon and Gillian Flynn’s screenplays.


Shonda Rhimes, the show’s creator, is at the helm of this ABC drama. Olivia Pope, a former White House media strategist, is ready to move on with her life and start her own crisis management agency, but she can’t seem to let go of her past.

Quinn Perkins, who has a tumultuous past, and hacker extraordinaire Huck are among Olivia’s employees. As she progresses, it becomes evident that, while her employees are experts at cleaning up other people’s lives, they can’t manage to clean up their own.

Secret City

There is a secret city underneath Canberra’s serene exterior, a city of agreements and split loyalties, falsehoods, and opportunism. Harriet Dunkley, a political journalist, believes she understands the city, but as she gets closer to reality, she uncovers a conspiracy.

The deception she uncovers puts her career and life in jeopardy, as well as the freedom of all Australians. The play is based on Chris Uhlmann and Steve Lewis’ works.


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