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Improve your search engine optimization strategy with branding

Improve your search engine optimization strategy with branding

Over the past few decades, the role of search engine optimization (SEO) strategies in everyday business marketing has grown exponentially in both importance and application.

In modern times, businesses have found it essential to invest in SEO because of the huge role search engines play in connecting businesses with their customers. Strong organic online traffic is now an important factor to consider when running a successful business.

SEO involves the organic promotion of your brand online so that you are able to capitalize on search engine algorithms and rank highly on the search engine results page. But how exactly can you get your brand out there while complying with search engine algorithms?

One way to do this is through branding.

What are Brand Mentions?

Brand mentions are online references, quotes, and other text “mentions” of your brand. They tell people about your brand without necessarily linking to it, and are also an effective way to follow your brand or product on the web.

Brand mentions play an integral role in SEO because they act as implicit links on search engines. Unlike express links (or manual hyperlinks, also known as backlinks), implicit links do not contain URL link code to your website. Instead, they simply reference your brand or personal name via text without hyperlinking directly.

This means that people who read content online can learn more about your brand through a direct brand mention rather than a referral link. Just having a brand mention boosts your online presence and makes your business known.

Examples of Brand Mentions

To help you wrap your head around the concept of branding, here are a few practical examples you may see used by other companies:

  • Social media posts that mention the brand in the caption
  • Media reports and online news articles citing a company professional
  • Author boxes after an article written by or for the brand
  • Website blogs that refer to the brand.

How can brand mentions contribute to your search engine optimization strategy?

Search engines like Google and Bing naturally prioritize popular sites when compiling their search results. Their algorithms use more than 200 factors in determining the ranking of websites. One of the most important factors in their algorithm remains backlinks. Backlinks play a huge role in satisfying the search algorithm and often result in improved keyword rank.

So, a good backlink strategy is an integral part of the success of your SEO strategy. Backlinks help increase your organic search value and can include URL links to your website as well as implied links from brand mentions. Brand mentions signal authority, improve your website’s SEO value, and help increase your overall online presence.

Compared to backlinks, brand mentions are also much more accessible and easy to incorporate into your SEO strategy. Chances are, if you’re already investing in an SEO strategy, you’ll be creating quality content for your website and brand. Brand mentions compliment this.

How can you get more brand mentions for your business?

One of the best things about branding is that they are incredibly accessible and easy to incorporate into your SEO strategy. This is because there are many ways you can implement to get branding for your business. Below are a few to consider.

Post more on social media

Posting on social media platforms is not only a valid marketing strategy in its own right, but also a great complement to other digital marketing strategies. Text captions are an opportunity for you to mention your brand name and include an implicit link on your social media posts. You can easily post branded text on social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and Reddit.

Submit blogs to third-party platforms

In addition to having your internal business blog, you can also post original blog content, including branding on third-party platforms. These blogs are called guest posts. It is important that you invest in blogging as part of your SEO strategy according to: HubSpotblogging companies receive 97% more backlinks to your site, adding to your website’s search value.

You can distribute guest posts to many independent blog sites with high domain authorities to improve your backlinking strategy, with and without hyperlinking. Simply mention your brand in your blog and you can put an implicit link for free.

Some third-party guest posting platforms also include author boxes to list your content. You can also list your brand in your author box for an additional implicit link for your SEO strategy.

Contact traditional media sources

Traditional media sources like news sites are another great way to watch as you get more brand mentions for your business. News articles will, of course, include brand mentions as they will directly reference and quote your brand (or staff within your company).

Alternatively, you can also write your own press releases, including adequate mention and reference to your brand for distribution to news publications. This way, you can post your own original content, while also helping to find more news content that mentions your brand.

Working with a search engine optimization agency

For a more professional look, consider partnering with an SEO marketing agency such as: Orion Marketing so they can produce more high-quality brand listings for you. SEO marketing agencies specialize in distributing large volumes of content (including branding) to enhance your brand’s online presence and therefore can quickly and efficiently produce branded listings for you.

Invest in Brand Mentions for Your Search Engine Optimization Strategy

The more brand mentions you include in your SEO strategy, the more visibility and authority your website will have. That’s why it’s important that you use brand mentions as part of your SEO strategy to increase your website’s organic traffic, which in turn will lead to higher sales of your brand’s products and services.

There are many ways you can incorporate branding into your SEO strategy. Just follow the advice above or work with a third-party SEO agency for professional advice.


Shreya has been with australiabusinessblog.com for 3 years, writing copy for client websites, blog posts, EDMs and other mediums to engage readers and encourage action. By collaborating with clients, our SEO manager and the wider australiabusinessblog.com, Shreya seeks to understand an audience before creating memorable, persuasive copy.

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