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How to discipline your mind and get what you want?

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Appearing in everything around us, there are two parts: ourselves and the matter to be dealt with. On the one hand, there is the situation and our attitude to the problem. But on the other hand, our attitude to life will determine the attitude to life towards us.

We all want to grow. A growth mindset can dramatically change the way we live our lives, from how we think about ourselves to what we want to achieve. A growth mindset is when you believe you can develop your abilities, become your thoughts and transform your life.

Have you accepted something in your life that is not exactly what you wanted? Are you attached to a past period in your life? Has your fantasy gone out the window? Many people in this world live their lives with the idea that life is as it is and accept it. They have no idea how to change their lives, get out of the rut or produce the results they are looking for. What has happened is that the imagination slumbers without realizing that change comes through consciousness.

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Understanding desire

Consciousness is a state of consciousness and is the first step to change. All change is preceded by awareness. Is your mind producing the results you want? Are you aware of your inner thoughts? Feelings? actions? Memories? How do you know if that is the case? Look at your results. You can discipline your mindset to drive your growth and get what you want.

All mental transformation in the mind is caused by desire. Desire is the catalyst for a mental transformation. When we set a goal, what goes beyond that goal? Wish. Desire is a need that resides in your subconscious, and it is much stronger than a goal.

You must have the desire for something that you are willing to change. Desire is the fuel for discipline. So, instead of seeing discipline as an intentional or forced process, think of it this way: Write down something you love to do – do you need the discipline to do it? Probably not. You don’t need discipline to do that fun activity because you have a strong desire, and it’s fun.

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How desire contributes to discipline

People have a terrible attitude towards discipline and see it as a chore or chore. That’s how I used to live, in the rut. I called it “the year of the rut” and my life was not what I wanted for myself or my family. It was brutally hard. However, I am not talking about discipline like in the military, but discipline with a purpose. When you talk about desire, it automatically springs into action. All movement of your body is of desire. You can feed the good desires to discipline your mind.

Let’s say I have a desire to make a million dollars a year and also a desire not to call anyone to share my product or service. That is a problem. It’s not about discipline. The real cause is a lack of desire. Everything is easier when you have a desire. Concentrate on your desire and discipline your way of thinking. You need to start by setting a goal so that you can stay motivated by constantly keeping that desire alive.

Your environment is the biggest killer of that desire; therefore, you must create an environment that supports that desire. The environment will give you suggestions – if they’re always negative or unproductive or don’t feed your desire, the chances of you thriving are pretty slim.

Your mind is powerful. Accept that it is true. Your whole life is determined by what you think about. The idea that your mindset isn’t important is crazy. Your mind creates your life. Accept that you have a mind and that you want to use it. Can you use your mind to get what you want? The answer is yes.”

You can use your mind to create happiness, health, wealth, money, whatever you want. Make use of your mind by expecting things to appear. Believe that whatever you want will come. Relax. Otherwise you will try too hard to manifest and force it – that will not work.

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How do you create a mindset that stimulates your growth?

  • Examine YOUR understanding of yourself: The more you know yourself, the more you understand what you want. Set your goal and let your mind do the work. By staying relaxed with an expectant attitude, you will see your results take shape.

  • Use your mind as a resource: You can become very advanced in your ability to manifest what you want. It’s like a painter using a brush or a driver using his car to win the race. I have a 10-speed bike that I know can do more than I use it for. If you put a professional cyclist on that bike, you could see how the bike can do so much more. Treat the mind like the bike – what can I get out of it? Think about how you can use it. Your mind is an instrument to control and is infinite, more than a lifetime.

  • Use autosuggestion: Your mind will direct your life, so you have to address your thoughts, and you can do that by autosuggestion. Write down your goal every day. Remember, it’s all about desire. Keep using that and use goals and affirmations. There is a power greater than yourself. So watch where you get your suggestions, for they are the only thing that will kill your desire. Be aware of what or who is drawing your energy. Don’t get lost or let your brain go from a powerful creative machine to a laptop computer to sleep.

  • Keep your head in the game: Tap into your mind by using affirmations and autosuggestions. Make use of your infinite power. The key to getting into that mindset is to accept the idea of ​​what you want, let it exist, and keep the desire alive through autosuggestion.

  • Make your standards: We take the time to hopefully feed our bodies healthy food. But what do you feed your mind? The mind works on cause and effect. We know what an unhealthy lifestyle does to our bodies, but what about unhealthy thoughts? What does that do to your mind? Set standards for yourself.

What do you need to eliminate in your life that does not serve you? Your brain is a muscle and like the other muscles in our body we can train it to be imaginative again and get what we want. Your mind will attract all your consciousness. Once a thought is in you, you start producing it.


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