Play the investor perspective before pitching

Pitches should be given from the investor’s perspective.

These things are too often forgotten

  • It is the investor’s job to achieve a financial return for his investors.
  • They get thousands of places a year. This means that they are distracted and also that they have probably already heard a similar tone to yours.

Put on your investor hat

Ask yourself:

  • Did you quickly grasp the value?
  • Has it activated your greed? I know that sounds superficial and horrible, but…
  • Does it make you feel like “This is just like Company X and Company Y”, or can you name one or two points that make this a unique opportunity?
  • Can you imagine the coming years of development and do you think it is possible?

Role play with others

  • Try this with others. Maybe other founders or people on your team. Especially people who are not industry experts.
  • Imagine taking out a new mortgage on your house or selling your car to get a share of this business. Which also feels like taking pain and taking a risk. Would you invest?


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