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How do mobile apps accelerate the success of digital transformation?

How mobile apps accelerate the success of digital transformation

Mobile apps have taken over almost all segments of our daily lives today. From virtual education to connecting remote workers through team apps, we live in a world where everyday tasks have become dependent on mobile apps. For the digital transformation strategies of companies, apps play a crucial role. The apps allow business owners to target a wider segment of the market and also have the freedom to provide their customers with an experience that is more accessible and easy to use.

According to an statistic report, in the first quarter of 2021, the Google Play Store had 3.48 million mobile apps to choose from. While iOS users had 2.22 million available apps in the Apple App Store. In addition, to answer the question of how mobile apps can make a digital transformation strategy fruitful, we discuss some crucial insights. So, if you found the topic intriguing, stick with us until the end of this blog.

How do mobile apps accelerate the success of digital transformation?

Digital App Transformation

1. Extensive market coverage

As mentioned above, mobile apps help companies serve markets that were not even aware of the existence of such companies. With facilities such as on-site services, pre-booking appointments or home delivery, businesses can use mobile apps to increase their conversion rates.

Now, to get services like haircuts or medical checkups, the days of queuing are long gone. From the perspective of business owners, these apps also help them gain exposure by ranking in search engines. However, to score better in app stores and search engines, the right techniques for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and App Store Optimization (ASO) are required.

2. Improved Customer Service

Using smart chatbots integrated into apps, businesses can provide improved quality of customer service. These chatbots help businesses increase customer retention, from being accessible 24×7 to instant resolution of queries. Moreover, chatbots also reduce the workload of the employees, which is not only beneficial for mental health but also improves employee satisfaction.

Many companies, especially from segments such as banking or tourism, are now using smart chatbots. The chatbot strategy as part of digital transformation in companies can help customers through text or phone calls. Using AI algorithms, these chatbots can understand different languages, pronunciations and dialects to better understand customers.

3. Offer personalized experiences

If you’ve used apps like Amazon, you may have seen their product recommendations every time you swipe through products to buy. These recommendations are based on the big data collected through your regular product exploration and buying behavior.

The big data is then fed into unsupervised machine learning algorithms and you get recommendations in the feed accordingly. From the customer’s perspective, it helps them find suitable products for their needs that they may not be aware of. Recommendations for products or services are one of the crucial factors that ultimately lead to conversions for businesses.

4. Enhanced Cyber ​​Security

Digital Transformation App

Mobile apps can use smartphone security algorithms and their own algorithms to protect user data. For example, it is difficult to lock a digital product in a browser, but in mobile apps, authentications such as biometric locks can be added for an enhanced layer of security. Financial apps use native authentication techniques such as fingerprint lock and PIN to keep user data secure for a while. It also helps customers build trust in a service. Some other categories such as social media apps or entertainment apps have also adapted the trend to provide their app users with better privacy.

5. Offering AR and VR Services

We have officially entered the era of Metaverse. Today, VR and AR technologies have become the hottest topic among businesses. Many companies have already developed apps that provide AR rendering of their products or services. Take the IKEA app, for example. The app uses AR technology to give potential customers insight into the possible appearance of the authentic product. Users can pan the camera where they want to place the new furniture and see on their screen whether the furniture looks good or not. VR also offers the digital and more realistic representation of real products without having to leave the house. These technologies are transforming the shopping experience and helping early adopter companies stay ahead of the competition.

6. Improved Service Quality

Mobile apps, as also mentioned above, can support other technologies such as AI and IoT. Thus, it gives companies an endless privilege in terms of providing features and services. Businesses get accurate statistics and optimize the user experience accordingly. On the other hand, users get smarter services that make the experience better and more comfortable. Over time, in order to have a competitive edge, businesses need much better user experience protocols than usual. Today, almost all businesses are entering the digital market and to survive this wave, quality of service can play an important role. Segments such as education, gaming and entertainment, among others, have found ways to use apps to improve the quality of services at scale.

Shutting down

There is no doubt that mobile apps are necessary for businesses today to survive the competition. However, there are factors such as the availability of the internet, the percentage of technical literacy and more that also influence the digital revolution in certain markets. But as we know, apps are now a normal part of our lives, companies that have the advantage of using them will have to keep evolving over time and adapting new technologies.

In the end, we hope you found this blog helpful. We’ll be back soon with more in-depth and well-researched articles. In the meantime, keep exploring the website to read more interesting articles.


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