The Haikyuu!! face their biggest rivals. Photo credit: Haikyuu EN

As part of their 10-year anniversary, Weekly Shonen Jump announced that there will be: ten new big Haikyuu!! projects.

Haikyuu!!, which ended serialization on July 20, 2020, is still one of Jump’s flagship titles. So it’s no surprise that Jump wants to celebrate its anniversary in style.

While four of the projects announced today have been revealed in the past, two of which have yet to be revealed and will be released in the “near future”, let’s take what we have and dissect it!

What are the currently revealed Haikyuu!! 2022 projects?

The currently revealed Haikyuu!! projects are as follows:

Project 1: A 10th anniversary key visual by Haruichi Furadate, author of Haikyuu!!. The main visual will feature quite a few characters from the manga.
The ones revealed so far are Kenma, Kuroo, and Oikawa, but more will be revealed soon.

Project #2: The last art exhibition for Haikyuu!! will take place from February 16, 2022 to March 11, 2022, the series’ last exhibition after its conclusion in Tokyo.

Project #3: A new short radio web drama written by Haruichi Furadate will be broadcast on the web radio of Karasuno High School Broadcasting Club on February 28 this year.

Project #4: A new Haikyuu!! x V LEAGUE exhibition competition will take place in August 2022, held in front of a live audience and streamed online. It will also feature an important visual written by Haruichi Furadate.

Project #5: A new one-shot of the manga will be published in Shonen Jump at a later date. So far, the details behind the one shot are vague, but it will follow Hinata and his friends.

Project #6: A special commemorative book with the cast has been announced, which will be the “ultimate book” in which you will learn the history of Haikyuu!! view, from serialization in 2012.

Project #7: New LINE stickers featuring the characters first drawn by Haruichi Furadate, as well as more LINE stickers drawn by both Retsu and Kyohei Miyajima, will be released this year.

Project #8: Haikyuu!! full-color manga & Jump Remix volumes were announced. A digital full color version and a remix version of the Haikyu!! manga will be released this year, with full-color digital volumes releasing monthly starting April 4 and Jump Remix volumes starting March 11!

What are the other two projects?

So far it is unclear what the other two Haikyuu!! are projects. Many fans are looking forward to the reveal of the Haikyuu!! Season 5 anime TV series sometime this year, so there’s some speculation that this is one of the two projects. Another speculation suggests that a theatrical Haikyuu!! movie could be on the horizon soon.

Be that as it may, it is clear that Haikyuu!! has a bright future ahead of it!


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