Google employees criticize new hybrid work policies on internal site

Last week, Google told employees in a company-wide email that new steps would be taken to update its hybrid work policies to strengthen office presence.

The updates include stricter measures to hold employees accountable, such as providing reminders to employees who are frequently absent, maintaining badges in the office, and including attendance reports in performance reviews.

Google’s Chief People Officer, Fiona Cicconi, wrote in the email that when employees spend at least three days a week in the office, they “feel more connected to other Googlers.”

However, it seems not all Googlers are on board.

Called an internal site enjoy has been inundated with messages and comments about the new policy, CNBC reportedwith some comparing the new policy to treating the employees like “school kids.”

“If you can’t make it to the office today, your parents will need to put in an absence request,” reads a post viewed by the outlet. “Check my work, not my badge,” says another.

Google, long known for its expansive office perks and campus-like environment, has cut back on a number of perks over the past year in an effort to cut costs as office attendance has declined — and it’s not just free snacks or fitness classes, some employees say they don’t even have the essentials.

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“Workers in New York City don’t even have enough desks and conference rooms for employees to use comfortably,” Chris Schmidt, a software engineer at Google, told CNBC. has contacted Google for comment.