Good job! Bulgaria’s first offshore wind turbine will be used to produce gas

French startup Eolink — in collaboration with 15 European energy partners — will install a 5 MW floating offshore wind turbine in Bulgaria by 2025. This is part of the EU-backed Black Sea Floating Offshore Wind (BLOW) project, which aims to promote sustainable energy solutions.

BLOW will use Eolink’s patented floating offshore wind turbine design, which the company claims solves existing industry problems by using four steel masts instead of one to spread the turbine’s stresses. This would make the overall structure more than 30% lighter. According to the startup, the turbines can produce 10% more energy by reducing aerodynamic interactions thanks to a greater distance between the blades and masts.

The unit will be designed to operate at maximum efficiency in the Black Sea, and this will include fitting a larger rotor to allow it to generate more power in low wind areas.