Gigi Hadid shared an adorable pic of Khai on Instagram. Her baby girl was wearing a denim jacket with her name on the back. Now seeing this, fans swooned over all the cuteness.

Gigi Hadid’s recent post on Instagram was a photo dump of her recent activity. She posted a random array of photos. The first picture for the dump was a mirror selfie in which she was wearing a cute winter outfit. Then her latest meals and a pair of cute green sneakers. These are all some snippets of her recent activities.

However, the picture that caught most people’s attention was the adorable pic of Khai, even though it was wedged in the middle of the photo dump.

In the photo, Khai was standing with her back to the camera and showed off an adorably tiny denim jacket which she was wearing, and that says “Khai” in rhinestones. Every fan of Gigi and Khai got excited and commented something like “aww”, “giving vibes”, “cute” etc. Actually, fans have every right to be excited because a photo of baby Khai is an extremely rare treat to eyes.


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