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GeoGuessr Alternatives


With GeoGuessr, you can explore the world in a gaming style. Using a game-style interface, it provides its visitors with access to all places in the world. The best way to get the most out of GeoGuessr is to use it for street-view exploring.

Additionally, it allows its visitors to create their own maps and much more. However, you must first purchase the pro version. GeoGuessr also uses Google Street View like most mapping and street view services.

The site also offers a game-based map that requires visitors to guess the world’s location by looking only at the visible clues. Please note that this platform does not provide detailed information beyond street view and a compass, as well as vegetation, road signs, businesses, climate, and landmarks. Main roads are photographed.

#1 Random Street View

A street mapping platform called Random Street View offers people around the globe the chance to see random street views of popular places. Random Street View does not offer its services everywhere. Still, it is the best source of real-time street views in most countries, including those in the United States, Great Britain, Canada, and a few African countries. Most of Random Street View’s services are provided by Google Maps. A map is shown on the site’s front page, and its user interface is simple. The users should select the country they want to view the location for in the search bar at the side of the page. After that, they need to input the location they would like to see on the screen.

#2 Fast Street View

Street View is a street map viewing website that uses Google Maps, and Google Earth to allow its users to explore their surroundings. It allows users to see their favorite areas in 360-degree, panoramic, and street-level views. The images you see of your desired location can be shared with your friends as well.

Shortly put, Fast Street View has a lot to offer you that will make your day. Fast Street View only limits you to viewing the area of locations that are within two hundred meters of your current location.

There are no United Kingdom locations visible from Australia. When you are within a radius of two hundred meters of your present location, however, then you can certainly search for a nearby location. Fast Street View is powered by Google Maps, so you can switch search to Google Maps at any time.

#3 Instant Street View

The Instant Street View platform is powered by Google. It allows you to view your street and important locations over a map for free. Instant Street View is a great resource because it allows visitors to view almost all of the locations in their area and share the results with their friends. It’s one of the easiest and fastest ways to view street views since it’s powered by Google.

You can get a satellite image of the actual area by visiting the official website of Instant Street View and typing in the name of the address. Users can try out all kinds of options, such as changing the direction, zooming in and out, and switching between map and satellite. Furthermore, the users can directly view opened locations on Google Maps as well.

#4 YouAreThere360

YouAreThere360 is a Google Maps trusted provider of street views and street images, using Google Maps and Google Earth as the primary source of street views and street images. With its web-based image services, it is designed for business users, who can add new customers online.

Businesses have the opportunity to enhance their listings with this service. In addition to appearing on this platform, your images will also appear on the Google Search Results, Google Maps, and Google+ Local listings.Users can now engage their customers by allowing them to explore, walkthrough, and truly experience their business..

Users can add business photos and these are a perfect addition to the portfolio of a business. Currently, YouAreThere360’s services are available in most parts of the world. Visit the official website of the YouAreThere360, use the advanced search engine, and you will reach your favorite destination in no time.

#5 MapStreetView

Google Images-based MapStreetView allows people to explore Google Street View images for free. This website claims to be unaffiliated with Google at all, since it only uses Google’s map and imaging services to provide street view services in a different way. Its web interface is not cluttered with too many options and functions.

In the main section, visitors can choose from two different search options to locate a specific location: either by using the map on the main website, or by using the search bar in the top left corner. As you begin exploring, you will see detailed images of the location you have provided, or what you are looking for.

#6 eMaps

The best way to explore your city is by using eMaps. You can access the most important areas of your city immediately by visiting the official website. Your favorite cities can be searched by address, intersection, and even by postal code. Additionally, users are able to select different printing tools, mapping categories, and relevant information to view.

One of the best things about eMaps is that it offers its users a variety of search tools. Users can search and find points based on their interests, find schools, find parks, find major buildings, and much more. The website has a helpful help section to assist visitors, letting them know how to use it properly. eMaps does not provide satellite images, it only displays simple maps and images.

#7 StreetViewFun

You can browse through a library of interesting and entertaining images with StreetViewFun, a Google Maps and Google Earth based platform. Different categories on this platform will provide you with access to some of the amazing and interesting images that have been published by Google Maps. The images in it are all for the purpose of entertainment, as there is no reason to mock anyone by using them.

This website has a section called “Top 100” that contains a list of all the most popular and viewed images of all time. Further, you can also submit images on your behalf, and during the submission process, the website will check your content to ensure it does not reveal anyone’s identity or pose a threat to the person represented in the image.

#8 Mapillary

Street-level imagery is provided by Mapillary for the next generation of maps. Anyone with a camera can upload images, which are then combined to create map data. Using collaboration and computer vision, you can also build better maps with its services.

In order to participate in the services being offered by this website, just take a picture of the street level from anywhere with a camera-enabled device and upload it to this platform with a description. Users have access to the necessary tools and can visualize them on a map.

In addition, it is even more valuable if you can capture the story behind the location in images and maps. Additionally, you will be able to share your story using 3D street-level imagery integrated with your website, blog, or application. Get a bird’s eye view of maps and geospatial data using Mapillary.

#9 Earth-Scout.com

Earth-Scout.com is a multifunction street view and street map viewing platform that simplifies the search for images of squares, places, and roads of interest. Street View, Google Maps, and Google Earth, the leading street viewing websites and platforms, are backing it. Browse Earth-Scout.com’s official website and start searching. The street view images are displayed immediately after entering the address.

Earth-Scout.com also allows its visitors to search for other leading communities, information sites, and blogs which continuously report on Google Maps, Street View, and Google Earth. Essentially, Earth-Scout.com aims to act as a search engine to discover amazing satellite images and new locations in popular street views and maps websites. With any latest web browser, this knowledge-based website can be easily accessed for free and open-source. For online searching, Earth-Scout.com offers all leading web browsers.

#10 Showmystreet

This web-based street view and mapping platform lets users view street views and satellite images directly on the screen. As it is supported by the Google Street View Map, this website is also accessible from mobile-based web browsers.

In addition to supporting all major locations worldwide, it has other features such as sharing and saving favorite locations. Using this platform is simple yet useful, as the main website consists of a search bar where you need to type in an address, the map, or the live view. After entering the location’s name, the main screen will display a real-time map of the location with a satellite image.

#11 Google Street View

Google Street View is an independent street viewing service that provides street map images and street views. It is one of the most extensive street viewing services in the world, with billions of users across the world, and is the official source of information for most street views and street images offering websites.

You can also explore world landmarks and natural wonders using Google Street View as well as getting maps and street views of your favorite locations. It is an excellent way to discover the beauty of nature and step into real locations such as arenas, museums, parks, and transport hubs.

A new way to view the world has emerged with the rise of Google Street View. In the content galleries section you can browse, explore the street views, create and share photospheres, and manage private photospheres.

#12 OpenStreetCam

A service called OpenStreetCam or OpenStreetView offers real images of the most popular places in the world. For improving the platform’s functionality, it gathers images from street photographers and general users like you. Most of the project’s code is open source, and the photos are published under a CC-BY-SA license.

Using its official application, you can collect images with your smartphone if you wish to contribute to OpenStreetCam. Its app and official website can also be used to upload captured images.

A real-time street sign recognition and processing mechanism is also built into OpenStreetCam’s official application. Upon recording the painting, it is uploaded, processed, and published on the official website. OpenStreetCam does that, so others can view and upload images more easily.

#13 MapCrunch

People need MapCrunch to view the street views and images of their favorite locations, including teleporting to random points on the globe. It lets its users find new and thrilling travel destinations by first exploring them on its official website to see how these places look.

They can even share the beautiful locations with their friends after getting detailed information about the desired locations. Users can choose from a range of search options, including urban, indoor, stealth, tour, and auto modes.

MapCrunch’s real-time maps and images are just like seeing them with your own eyes. Whenever you search for your favorite location, you will have a number of options. If you want to use the advanced search feature, or set up the location first, then search within that area, it is up to you.

#14 Microsoft Streets and Trips

Microsoft Streets and Trips is a discontinued service that lets people watch live street views without cable. This device came with several features and functions, such as trip planning software and streets and trips software. It was intended to target the average consumer so that they could perform a variety of street mapping tasks in different parts of the world.

It offers users a great opportunity to plan routes. Microsoft Streets and Trips is basically a free GPS-ready platform similar to the original software included with Windows 7, and this new integration can be used offline. Microsoft’s Windows 10 operating system, however, only provides this service in select countries and regions.

#15 Brick Street View

A leading competitor of Google Maps, Brick Street View provides a different perspective on streets and important locations in real-time. Brick Street View provides a very different view of the popular locations than Google Maps, which offers line maps.

Maps based on bricks or blocks are available for visitors. While Brick Street View appears to be very friendly and interactive, it does not provide the most relevant information. Firstly, it does not offer a lot of zooming in and zooming out options. Secondly, in most cases, the images are based on blocks or bricks and do not give the location’s name. It seems to be giving the blueprint of the location you have searched for.

#16 vPike

A Google Maps street view website, vPike is based on Google Maps. It is one of the best ways to get real-time images of the desired location, traffic reports, driving directions, and much more. Visitors can also measure maps on the site. Using vPike is quite simple.

vPike’s official website can be accessed from any of your favorite web browsers. You can type the name of the area you want to see on the map, and the result will appear as a map with images. As vPike is powered by Google Maps and Google Earth, it is just like using those two popular mapping services. You can switch to Google Maps whenever you want. Using these maps and street view based services is simple.


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