As companies strive to cut costs and bring in spending within the uncertain macroeconomic environment, Form Bio thinks it’s actually the perfect time to launch its platform. Developed at Colossal Biosciences — known for its goal of bringing extinct critters like the woolly mammoth back to life — the software company is now striking on its own.

The software Form Bio has developed aims to bring a range of workflow solutions to computational biology, which uses data and modeling to understand biological systems and span sectors such as gene therapy and biotech.

The platform will use machine learning to help researchers and businesses move from idea to scientific breakthrough faster by simplifying the data analysis processes between them and allowing users to choose from existing workflow templates that can be edited to meet the specific needs of a business. company to meet.

Form Organic announced it came out of Colossal Biosciences on September 27 with $30 million in funding led by JAZZ Venture Partners and Thomas Tull, both investors of Colossal Biosciences.

Kent Wakeford, the co-CEO of both Form Bio and Colossal, said the idea for Form Bio started on the first day of Colossal’s journey when they tried to get started and realized there was no all-encompassing software they could use. .


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