Forecasting Love And Weather Must Watch K-Drama After Season 1

Forecasting Love And Weather is releasing on Netflix today. For K-drama fans, the premiere of a new drama is the most exciting event. Park Min-young, Song Kang, Yoon Park, and Yura feature in the South Korean television show Forecasting Love and Weather.

Cha Young-hoon is in charge of the direction. The upbeat love story of youngsters working at the Korea Meteorological Administration, who break, fall, and rise again, as well as their day-to-day living in the workplace, is shown in this series. For a committed forecaster and her free-spirited coworker, like rain or shine, love is also unpredictable.

On February 12, 2022, Netflix will release ‘Forecasting Love and Weather.‘ This program will have a total of 16 episodes. On February 12, 2022, it will premiere on JTBC and will run every Saturday and Sunday at 22:30. (KST).

For overseas audiences, the program will be accessible on Netflix. In fact, the official trailer provides us with a better look at the show’s characters. Some of these characters may be familiar to you. The streaming service only published the official teaser a few days ago.

We’ve put together a list of Kdrama series to look forward to after ‘Forecasting Love and Weather’ season 1:

My Secret Romance

In a Gangwon-do resort, Jin-Wook and Yoo-mi meet and become embroiled in a series of miscommunications and mishaps. Jin-sneaky wook’s and fun demeanor captivated Yoo-mi, and the two unexpectedly spent the night together.

Yoo-mi, on the other hand, vanishes the next morning, leaving Jin-wook bewildered and violently enraged. Yoo-mi obtains a position as a dietitian in Jin-workplace work’s cafeteria three years later, and the two reconcile. They behave as if they don’t know each other while battling their desire for one another.

Her Private Life

2019 | 1 Season

Sung Deok-Mi (Park Min-Young) works at an art gallery as a curator. She is a tremendous admirer of Shi-An, a member of the idol group, and covertly operates a fan page dedicated to him. She has had multiple personal break-ups as a result of her feelings for Shi-An.

Sung Deok-private Mi’s life now revolves around her employment and her activities as Shi-admirer. An’s Ryan (Kim Jae-Wook) starts as the new director of the art gallery where Sung Deok-Mi works one day.

He used to be a well-known painter, but he no longer paints. Ryan isn’t very interested in other people, but he learns that Sung Deok-Mi is a Shi-An enthusiast who maintains his fansite. Sung Deok-Mi piques Ryan’s curiosity.

She Was Pretty

2015 | 1 Season

She Was Pretty depicts the narrative of Kim Hye Jin (Hwang Jung Eum), a popular and beautiful youngster who grows up to become despised and ugly. Ji Sung Joon (Park Seo Joon) was the polar opposite, being overweight as a youngster but growing up to be attractive and successful.

They were childhood sweethearts who reunited as adults. placed against the backdrop of a publishing office for a fashion magazine.

What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim

2018 | 1 Season

The story centers on Lee Young Joon, a narcissistic vice president of a family-owned business. He is exceedingly self-absorbed and conceited of himself, to the point where he scarcely notices those around him.

Kim Mi So, Lee Young Joon’s talented and patient secretary, has been at his side for 9 years and has worked hard without any romantic entanglement.

Mi So, on the other hand, now wants to focus on herself and get her life in order, so when she chooses to leave her work, amusing misunderstandings occur. Can their 9-year strictly-workplace friendship suddenly blossom into anything more?

Kkondae Intern

2020 | 1 Season

Ga-Yeol Chan’s first office job after graduating was with a corporation. Lee-Man-Sik, his boss at the time, was a “kkondae,” a stern, old-school sort of person. He would impose his old school methods of thinking on Ga Yeol Chan, prompting Yeol Chan to resign and go to work for a ramen shop.

He put forth a lot of effort and was promoted quickly as a result of his innovative planning and strong marketing. Yeol-Chan is now the head of the ramen company’s sales and marketing department.

This is the most powerful position in the firm. Ga-Yeol Chan receives a senior intern one day. Lee-Man-Sik, the intern who was so difficult in his first employment, is that intern.

My Shy Boss

2017 | 1 Season

The CEO of a public relations firm Eun Hwan-Ki, although he is a reclusive individual. Even his staff are unfamiliar with him due to his demeanor. Eun Hwan-firm Ki’s hires Chae Ro-Woon.

She is a high-energy person who is well-liked for her profession, yet her only focus is on CEO Eun Hwan-Ki. She intends to uncover Eun Hwan Ki’s true identity.


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