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Fling Trainer Alternatives

Fling Trainer

Using Fling Trainer, you can download PC Game Cheats and Mods for a wide range of games without a payment. There are many gamers who use this website to find Cheats and Mods for their favorite games. One of its best features is its UI, which makes it easy for you to download the desired resource without any hassle. The download files are in zip format and free from viruses to ensure an awesome experience. You can move back and forth between pages by clicking any of the options in the menu bar. All the titles are displayed in a list-wise view so that you can easily scroll down to discover new ones.

#1 GameCopyWorld

GameCopyWorld is an online website that offers a large collection of game repair and trainer libraries for computer games. Cheats and patches for the latest PC games can be found in its library without paying any fees. Then, select the patch version that corresponds to your game, and GameCopyWorld will direct you to the download page to save the file. All newly released games are displayed at the top, and you can select any of them to see its patches and cheats. Patches and Fixes for older games are also available on the home page.

#2 WeMod

With WeMod, you can easily modify your favorite single-player PC games without any hassle. Mods, cheats, and trainers are all included. More than a thousand single-player PC games are available, and new titles are added every week. A wide range of games is available, including RPGs, first-person shooters, and real-time strategy games.

You can enable cheats in the remote app using the Smartphone control of WeMod, a good option if you don’t have a second monitor. Automatic game detection pairs the loaded game with the right trainer based on the version of the game. This saves a lot of time and effort.

You no longer need to memorize hotkeys with the app’s drop-downs, sliders, buttons, etc. A great feature is that it allows gamers to get all their cheats and trainers in one place without having to go to infected sites.

#3 GamePatchPlanet

GamePatchPlanet lets you browse a huge library of PC Cheat Codes, Tweaks, and Fixes, Trainers, Tools, Gaming news, Patches and download them for free. All the newly released titles have Trainers on the home page, and you can find Cheat Codes, Game Patch updates, PC Game Trainers, and Game Patch fixes by clicking the given options in the menu bar.

As the website tries to deliver a fast loading experience, there aren’t many images on the pages. Additionally, it provides fixes and patches for games that are much older and no longer being supported by the publisher/developer. The purpose of this is to allow gamers to play older games on their next-generation hardware. GamePatchPlanet puts the gamer first so no ads are displayed and no personal data is required for downloads.

#4 Gamepressure

In addition to providing news about the gaming industry, Gamepressure offers walkthroughs and guides on how to beat every game in consoles and PCs. Here you will find essays, game information, previews, and reviews written by journalists. Every day, its editors review, deconstruct, and criticize video games for both PCs and consoles.

Through our solutions and guides, you can unlock secret locations within PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch games. New titles are constantly added to the gaming encyclopedia to keep everyone entertained. In addition, you can download free games, patches, mods, and trainers from Gamepressure.

#5 CheatbookDB

Video game cheats, tips and hints can be found on CheatbookDB, a highly rated source for gaming cheats. There are many cheats for the latest and older single-player games in this encyclopedia of game cheats. Using cheat codes, die-hard gamers can solve puzzles and progress faster in games around the world. If you want to find help materials for the game manually, you can use the advanced search feature or click on an option in the menu bar. Even though cheating is not recommended, it sometimes becomes necessary when you are having difficulty in the game.

#6 Cheat Happens

You can download PC game trainers, check cheats and codes, read reviews and walkthroughs for consoles and PC games on Cheat Happens. The site has members from various countries worldwide and currently has more than 27,000 trainers for 6,000+ games, making it an all-in-one source for trainers, cheats, reviews, and walkthroughs. It also offers saves for many games, and you can explore the list alphabetically from the home page.

By subscribing to any of the subscriptions, members can receive a monthly reward. In addition to the Trainer Request System, Trainer Option Request System, and Boost Trainer Priority, Rewards Credits are the official currency of the Website. With a Lifetime PLUS membership, you can also spin the Prize Wheel to win one of nine prizes.

You can request a Trainer for any game on the Website’s Request Section. Upon acceptance, the request will be added to the queue and will be fulfilled as soon as the credit goal is completed. It provides gamers with a handy tool called a “Trainer Manager” that allows them to organize their trainers and check for updates automatically. With the Trainer Manager, you are able to access trainer-related content, latest releases, and bookmarked pages instantly. You can access game support pages, report game updates, and start any trainer directly from the app.

#7 The Tech Game

Besides covering news for various gaming consoles, including Xbox One, PS4, and Xbox 360, The Tech Game is also the leading source for Hombrew, game saves, and modding tools. If you scroll through the “Latest News” tab on the Main Page, you can read all of the news or you can read them by clicking on the console name. You can download anything by clicking on the “Downloads” button on the Menu bar and selecting the desired console. GameSaves, Trainers, ROM hacks, Homebrew, and ROM hacks are available for many gaming consoles, including NES, GameBoy Advance, Nintendo 3DS, GameCube, and more. Other classical platforms like Sega Saturn, GCW Zero, Sega Dreamcast, and more can also be downloaded.

#8 Gtrainers Cheat Codes

There are a number of Cheat Codes available on Gtrainers that everyone can use to advance much more quickly in their favorite games. The site provides a comprehensive Cheat Code Database, and you can explore by category, genre, system, and Released. In the categories section, you’ll find walkthrough guides and save games. You can also access Trainers on the website. This site offers Cheat Codes and Trainers without charging any fees, which is its best feature. Creating an account is not necessary, nor is it necessary to install any third-party software.

#9 MrAntiFun

On MrAntiFun, you can download PC Trainers, Cheats, Mods, and get tips for free. There are several categories available, including Trainers, Trainers Requests, Trainers Updating Requests, Donors Trainers Requests, Trainers Problems Reporting, and Completed Trainers Requests. Discussions can be read and links can be downloaded for free, but you must register first to post a new comment.

If you register through your Facebook, Twitter, or Google Account, you can do it much faster. Using MrAntiFun, you can see a list of all the trainers available and see if the trainer you want is in its collection. Members can also post in general categories like Programming, Art and Pictures, Videos and YouTube, Gaming News and Gaming Related, and Suggestions and Ideas.

#10 UnKnoWnCheaTs

In addition to offering valuable information and content to gamers worldwide, UnKnoWnCheaTs is the world’s most popular source of Multiplayer Game Hacking. It is a long-running, free-to-use website that has been around for quite some time. Hacks can be found for many popular games, including Age of Empires, Alliance of Valiant Arms, Americas Army, Battlefield Series, Counter Strike, Dark Eden, Far Cry, and many more.

By clicking the “Downloads” button in the menu bar, you can access all the hacks it has in its collection. Organizing everything into categories makes it easier for visitors to locate the desired information quickly. Creating an account on UnKnoWnCheaTs will enable you to create new threads and participate in existing ones. A Forum is a great place to find assistance on a specific topic or resolve an issue with the help of professionals.

#11 I want cheats

I Want Cheats is an online website that offers undetected VIP hacks and cheats for many PC games, including popular ones such as Apex Legends, Black Ops Cold War, Modern Warfare, and Warzone. The site is updated on a daily basis so that Anti-Cheats can’t detect you. As a VIP member, you will unlock a range of benefits, including excellent service and support.

The highly experienced team behind these features developed and created them to keep you safe while gaming. You can get faster upgrades in more than 50 games by signing up with I want cheats. Outriders, Modern Warfare, Warzone, Black Ops Cold War, CSGO, Escape from Tarkov, PUBG, Apex Legends, Rainbow Six Siege, and many others can be hacked.

#12 Super Cheats

It provides mobile, PC, and console game cheat codes, answers, and walkthrough guides. A variety of gaming consoles are covered, including the Play Station 5, Play Station 4, Play Station 3, PSP, Xbox Series X, and Wii U. Video game guides are the site’s best feature because they help you solve levels within games. To unlock super mode in games and increase cash, health, and more, you can search for cheat codes and apply them. On the home page, you can see the latest games, and under the “Most Read” section, you can see what’s trending. In addition to News and Updates, there is a Question and Answer section and a Forum section.

#13 Chapter Cheats

Our website is a leading resource for cheat codes, walkthroughs, secrets, Hints, and Q&A for thousands of video games on 3DS, Android, iPhone, iPad, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, PS4, PS5, PC, Switch, and more. An instant search bar allows you to find a cheat code or other material for a specific game. You can find frequent updates on the website’s home page under the “New Released Game” section. The Q&A section is a great place for asking questions or providing answers to the queries of others. The website lets you all of this and much more without requiring an account.

#14 Cheatcc

You can find Video Game Cheats, Walkthroughs, Codes, and Cheats on Cheatcc for multiple platforms, including Wii, PS5, PC, Xbox One, 3DS, Switch, Xbox 360, PS3, and more. The A-Z titles for any of the platforms listed on the menu bar can be accessed by clicking the corresponding icon on the menu bar. Watch the latest videos, read the latest reviews, and browse the latest gaming news without a subscription. Additionally, this website doesn’t require the creation of an account, so gamers can start accessing the material instantly. Additional features include search functionality, daily dispatch, videos, top lists, and games for multiple platforms.

#15 CheatCodes

CheatCodes is a reliable site for finding guides, tips, cheats, and codes for PC, iPhone, PS3, Wii U, Xbox 360, Xbox One, and even Facebook games. By gamers for gamers, the site provides walkthrough guides for difficult levels and achievements within games. There are cheats for all major gaming systems and consoles on this website, which has been around since 1996. With icons for popular consoles, popular games, and trending games, the home page is nicely designed. All available cheats for games on a respective platform can be found by clicking its icon or by searching for the game.3

#16 scanmem & GameConqueror

scanmem & GameConqueror are command-line and GUI tools used to explore the virtual memory of running games. Compared to scanmem, GameConqueror has more features and a GUI. It shows you where your program is being executed. In an execution task, the tool is made to separate the addresses of random variables. Essentially, it needs to be told the process and the value of the variable several times. This allows you to modify the value of the variable once you have isolated its position.

The memory can hold hundreds of thousands of variables, making it challenging to find what you are looking for. However, you can reduce the lookup time with some practice and trial and error methods. The cheat engine also supports exporting and importing of cheats, but the memory addresses can change as you launch a new program or game. Overall, scanmem & GameConqueror is an excellent alternative to its competitors.


PINCE is an advanced reverse engineering tool that allows you to hack a game variable from memory and replace it with your own. Libscanmem is used for memory scanning, and the tool is available for Linux-based operating systems. In addition to Byte, Float, Double, Strings including UTF-8, UTF-16, UTF-32, and zero-terminated strings, Array of Bytes is also supported. As long as the input is parsable, PINCE lets you modify multiple different types of values at once.

If you modify the settings, you can adjust the update timer or cancel updating if memory errors occur. When you move the mouse wheel, the tool automatically disassembles the next available instruction. Setting allows you to change the instruction count. Memory regions can be divided in order to find referenced calls, jumps, and strings. In the current disassemble view, the screen will automatically handle referenced data and show you if there is a referenced address. As a whole, PINCE is a fantastic tool that developers can utilize to modify and hack a game’s functionality.

#18 L. Spiro’s Memory Hacking Software

The Memory Hacking Software by L. Spiro allows you to hack modern, old, and emulated games. The code can be injected into the game by supplying the address where the control should be taken and the actual code to be executed. The tool offers one of the fastest search speeds of any software of its kind, along with a debugger, disassembler, hex editor, powerful scripting language, and a helpful help file.

RAM addresses can be displayed as bytes, characters, integers, shorts, longs, floats, and bits simultaneously. A number of different types of addresses can be seen in the program. As you play your game, you will be able to see all addresses changing in real-time. Overall, L. Spiro’s Memory Hacking Software is a great program for hacking games.

#19 The Cheat

For macOS, The Cheat is a game cheat engine and game trainer. To use the tool, no programming knowledge is required, or even root access. In essence, it uses the memory modification principle to edit binary files, making it possible to alter any game’s executable code. The app works on all versions of XNA and XBLA games, including mobile games such as Minecraft Pocket Edition and Windows Store games like Minecraft: Pocket Edition.

There is no lag between the variable changes in real time. Numerous types of variables can be searched, including strings, integers, and floating-point numbers. In order for The Cheat to work on Macs with Intel processors, you must set a kernel option. You can use The Cheat, among its alternatives, to hack games.

#20 RAM Cheat

Using RAM Cheat, you can bypass a game’s functionalities and restrictions in addition to adding your own. It allows you to keep track of health, ammunition, energy, money, visibility, etc. You can play the game with more ease and freedom if you don’t worry about losing. Using a trainer will allow you to play the game more easily if you are a beginner.

There is a number of hotkeys and functions associated with it that you need to press while playing the game in order to activate that cheat. RAM Cheat implements virtual memory access methods as well as fast search and comparison algorithms. This is accomplished by taking a virtual screenshot of the program’s virtual memory and letting the RAM hack know what happens to the variables. Overall, RAM Cheat is a great alternative that you can consider.

#21 CoSMOS

Gamers can hack their games with CoSMOS and bypass some functionalities to make gameplay easier. Advanced and beginner versions are available. Starting hacking your own game is easy and fun with the Beginner version. In the community, you can share and take cheat scripts with other gamers. With no game trainer software needed, noob layers can unlock features such as God mode, unlimited ammo, and increase stats.

You can create your own cheat codes and game modifications with this tool. Advanced features include a memory scanner, VEH debugger, script engine, disassembler, .NET assembly explorer, speed hack function, string search, thread viewer, tabbed interface, and script editor. As a whole, CoSMOS is a great game hacking tool you can consider as an alternative.

#22 Cheat Evolution

Cheat Evolution offers game trainers, cheat codes, mods, and cheat scripts to bypass games’ functionality and add your own. Trainers are available for a variety of individual games, and each trainer is stable. There are at least five cheat modifications in each trainer, and sometimes up to thirty. Choose the game you wish to train and download it quickly. Each trainer has its own hotkey and instructions, as well as its own details.

Launching and activating the trainer at the same time is just a matter of pressing the launch game button and running the trainer. You can also modify and assign the hotkeys to other keys as per your convenience. Overall, Cheat Evolution provides users with a huge database of cheat codes and trainers for popular games.

#23 HackerBot

CheatBot is one of the most popular cheating and game hacking websites online, offering free cheats for a wide range of games. You can hack some of the top games through the website, including PUBG Mobile, Summoners War, Roblox, Fortnite Mobile, Pokemon Go, Call of Duty Mobile, Clash of Clans, and more. Among the platforms it supports are Android, iOS, Windows, Xbox, and Playstation. By clicking on any of the platforms, you’ll be able to access all the cheats available. The website also provides popular Game Hacking Apps and Software like Lucky Patcher, Cheat Engine, SB Game Hacker, Game Killer, Gamegem, igameguardian, gameplayer, and more.

#24 Squalr

Squalr enables players to modify games, which makes multiplayer games easier. The game does this by granting the player certain skills and items, as well as by changing the physics and what other players see. One of the few cheat engines on the internet that permits one player to change the character of another. Using this hacking tool, you can access the memory of a running game, reverse engineer it, and make it appear that it is running on its own script.

Fast scans are achieved by combining multi-threading with SIMD instructions in Squalr. The CPU has to support SSE, AVX, or AVX-512 in order to take advantage of these gains, which are relatively common today. The program can be used for fun or to win any type of match or tournament. Rigs of Rods, Fallout 3 and Oblivion, Call of Duty 4 and World at War are just a few of the games that use it. Overall, Squalr is a great tool that you might want to consider among its alternatives.


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