FinTech Australia is eager to hear from startups to add to its interactive ecosystem map

FinTech Australia has updated and relaunched one of its most important resources for the fintech industry – the interactive ecosystem map first released in February last year.

The industry’s top body is also calling on local fintechs to monitor and update their business data on the map to ensure they are fully exploiting the resource.

As part of the update, non-member fintechs can now add their data to the map for free.

The map is an important tool to help those outside the fintech industry navigate and learn about the key players. The new map also has two views: map view and pie chart view, along with additional filters.

“This is the resource we refer overseas companies, corporations, investors, potential clients and other interested parties to when they ask us for more information about the ecosystem,” said FinTech Australia Managing Director Rehan D’Almeida.

“Whether you are a member of FinTech Australia or not, we want to ensure that all fintechs in the country can effectively claim their place in the industry and have the best chance of discovering new opportunities. These can be partnerships with other fintechs or other companies abroad.

“It takes less than 10 minutes to update your company information. Not only will it help the ecosystem, but it will also help us promote your business to more interested parties, both here in Australia and abroad.

FinTech Australia has also created regulatory and investor maps to help people better understand the local fintech sector.

The map is available from the FinTech Australia site at