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Today, employers rely heavily on resumes that illustrate a relevant work history, whether obtained from a volunteer program, internship, or job. Since the paradigm shift took place, there has been more demand for people with hands-on experience than for people who just got the hang of it. Because the youth is now looking for opportunities to learn at a very early stage. There is cutthroat competition and everyone is trying to covet a good job making it important to be ahead of each other.

Practical work experience is of great importance in finding a job and entering the market.

Corporate houses to small businesses and freelancers all offer internships to students, giving them the opportunity to learn and work with them. Aside from the pay in some places and college credits, internships also give young people the chance to explore and experiment with different career choices so that they can begin a career in a field they are interested in.

The work experience helps them to make better career choices. It teaches them skills they need as they embark on their career as a professional. Not only this, but internships are one way these young minds can build a network of professionals who can guide or advance them.

An internship is a springboard and a competent way to build your resume and get a head start on your career. This is why not only students and students fresh out of university do this internship, but also high school students or students just out of school and help them to build a foundation early on.

The following list highlights the most compelling reasons why you should look for an internship this summer:

  • First-hand exposure of working in the real world.
  • Use the skills, knowledge and theoretical practice learned in the classroom
  • Self-discovery and personal development
  • Build your professional network
  • Gives your resume a boost
  • Transition to a full-time position
  • Opportunity to separate from the pack
  • Learn from colleagues and mentors
  • Learning new skills
  • Experiment with different career options

Some internships require you to pay, others don’t, but that doesn’t mean they offer less experience. But you should choose an internship wisely based on assessments and partial reports and recommendations, and those that fit your career choice.

Here’s how to find an internship that you appreciate:

Research and define your goals

Think carefully about your search and make use of the resources at your disposal. To start finding the right internship for you, you need to consider the fields you want to explore and the skills you want to learn. By setting clear goals, you can narrow your search down to only relevant options. Find out where your interest lies, the scope of that field, how it would help your career, where you can all find the right set of opportunities, and so on.


Like all things, the internet offers many possibilities and perhaps the definitive answer to your search. Join the internet for a more useful reason. Here are a few options where you have the best chance of finding the right people, organization and internship for yourself:

  • LinkedIn: It is not only a great networking tool, but also an exceptional place where companies are looking to hire talent these days.
  • Craigslist: Many companies are looking at this opportunity to hire interns. This platform gives you access to a number of internships.
  • this option is for those who want to find an internship remotely.
  • it is a platform with a huge number of internships and vacancies every day.

The world of the internet is vast and offers plenty of opportunities, so go ahead and explore.

Make use of your network

Be creative in your research for an internship. Get in touch with your family and friends, and their relatives and friends. Someone might work in a field or organization that is relevant to you, this could be your golden opportunity. Having an acquaintance can greatly help you build your network, increase your chances of an internship, mentorship, etc.

College career center

Still in university is an advantage when it comes to researching the right internship. Your university career center already has a database of companies that provide what you are looking for and can help you find the relevant ones. They can even train you for interviews, networking and help prepare your resume. Get the information on all relevant options and keep getting updates from the career center.

Be specific in your request

Recruiters don’t have time to run through a long story of what, why and who of someone’s story. Therefore, be precise and provide exact details. You don’t have to work around it in your application. If your goals are clear, your application should reflect that clarity. It is important to mention what you are putting on the table. Let the recruiters know what you can do for them and how excited you are to learn from them. Stay away from unambiguous words.

Prepare for application and interview

Proper preparation for your application and job interview will give you the upper hand over most candidates who do not or half-heartedly prepare. Don’t limit yourself to a few interviews, give as many as you can. You will work on your confidence and other interview skills, which will come in handy when you apply for a job. Your interview is a reflection of you, so work on that first impression.

Create an impressive resume

A resume is not just a list of facts about you. In fact, it’s a manifestation of what you can do best with relevant evidence to validate it. Use keywords that the employer is looking for. Avoid mentioning stories, but mention the highlights of your academic career and where you stood out, where you used the skills relevant to this internship. Your resume should be able to grab the hiring manager’s attention, so make it meaningful.

Find suitable references

It helps if you can get referrals that can validate your skills and achievements. The referrals must have the correct references and people who know you and have testified to your work, this could be your teachers or a working professional at your previous internships or volunteer program, etc. Have them send an email or two to the hiring manager, to put in a good word about you. If the person(s) you hire are happy with what they learn about you, it will have a huge impact on your application.

Gaining work experience will definitely help you with your career. It is an investment that will certainly yield a good return. But it’s also crucial to find the right internship for yourself, so that you learn the right skills, meet the right group of people and experts and your enthusiasm does not wane.

In addition to the field of study when you graduate, it is also advisable to experiment with other fields of interest. Ultimately, all experience should add value to you and your career. Only then can you appreciate the experience and the internship you find.


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