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FastPeopleSearch Alternatives


FastPeopleSearch is a data aggregator that displays phone numbers, names, and addresses in one place. With the web-based software, you have access to the personal records and authentic data of billions of individuals around the world. It is one of the most comprehensive directories of US public records and is free of charge. FastPeopleSearch provides reverse phone lookups and is one of the most popular reverse phone lookup tools.

Thanks to the powerful search powered by cutting-edge technology, you’ll have access to a huge dataset, and you’ll find whatever you need. A reserve phone that displays up-to-date results will also let you know who is calling. With this software, you can search any address with relevant information on the go, and the data is regularly updated, so you can access information about addresses and phone numbers all across the United States.

#1 PeopleFinders

Public records can be found online at PeopleFinders, the leading premier platform for this purpose. The site is a more reliable and trusted way to find friends, family, old flames, and buddies all over the world. Additionally, the platform provides a wide range of applications, such as Background Checks, Business Records, Criminal Records, Phone Lookups, and Public Records, and continuously adds new and exciting services to make it a comprehensive platform.

It is an alternative to Pipl with all the core features and some new tools. This platform is the best in the world because it’s totally free and you can use it anywhere in the world. PeopleFinders’ core feature includes intuitive interface, no login, find areas, latest news, find contacts, and much more.

#2 PeopleSmart

PeopleSmart is one of the most popular public records search engines that bridges the gap between the other search avenues and delivers a simple and accurate result. A simple interface makes this platform easy to use, and it can help you reunite with lost friends or give businesses peace of mind regarding their employees.

With lots of new features and technologies, it quickly finds results around the world due to its design by a team of experts. In comparison to all the other leading platforms, PeopleSmart is quite simple and user-friendly and provides straightforward information.

Searching on the platform, it pulls up all possible results so that it can make sure to find the right person. There are two different versions of PeopleSmart, including a free and a paid version. You get vital information, a criminal record, and more with the paid version. A variety of price plans are available with varying costs and core benefits.

#3 FindOutTheTruth

The FindOutTheTruth website provides a private investigator-assisted background check, criminal records, employment, and due diligence background check at the lowest price possible. Our team of investigators employs and combines their years of investigative and risk management experience with significant collegiate and post-graduate coursework to provide you with an all-in-one solution for all your background check needs.

This platform does not require membership fees or subscriptions, just pay per search without hassle. The platform is quite fast and powerful, and provides billions of records around the world compared to other similar platforms. Using this powerful platform, you can easily and conveniently order an investigative background check. Its core features include the world’s largest database, the ability to search by criminal record, find a record quickly, continuous updates, and much more.

#4 Veromi

There are dozens of databases and billions of public records in Veromi, making it a powerful search tool. Data sources used by government and law enforcement agencies are available on the platform. In its database, this platform allows you to find details about anyone’s background and connections. Veromi provides you with the most accurate and detailed information about anyone at an affordable price.

Our platform is designed for all users, whether they are seeking friends or verifying the criminal background of a new partner they met online. It provides you with their contact information, complete background history, email address, and more.

The best thing about this platform is that you can get in touch with a team of experts 24×7 to help you find and deliver the information you’re looking for. Each of Veromi’s price plans has different features and costs. Reverse phone, background checks, search features, public records, find contact numbers, and much more are its most noteworthy features.

#5 US Phone Book

The US Phone Book is an online phone directory that provides information about people, such as their home addresses and phone numbers. The platform contains information about 215 million Americans. Platform information is gathered from a source called PeopleFinders.com, which contains public records containing both current and historical information about individuals.

Whether you are looking for your next-door neighbor or an old friend, this online platform provides comprehensive and accurate search results. In comparison with other similar directories, it has a user-friendly interface and offers faster service.

The US Phone Book offers three kinds of similar searches. First, users can enter a name and search for a phone number and address. The address can be used to search for the name and phone number. Finally, they can write down the phone number to find out the person’s name.

#6 People Search Now

You can find friends, neighbors, or anyone using People Search Now. It is similar to Pipl and provides all the core features along with some new tools that make it superior. This app allows you to quickly find people by name, email address, phone number, and more. Additionally, it is ideal for businesses seeking to hire new employees and learn more about them. This is different from most other popular platforms.

Furthermore, it offers complete details and images of a criminal record, which makes it more useful than other applications. Besides quick search, search history, more than 3 billion records, and simple interface, People Search Now also offers some key features.

#7 Truth Finder

Truth Finder is a platform that allows users to uncover information about anyone. This platform allows users to view any kind of background information about anyone. A list of directories can be found on the platform, including Criminal Records, Public Records, and more. Free people searches on the platform allow users to view records of people without having to visit various courthouses just to track them down.

It provides detailed information about the person you wish to search, including their full name, aliases, photograph, education, job, cell phone number, and other personal information. Users can also search for information on the Dark Web to determine whether their information has been compromised or not. Users can search for information such as Passport Number, Social Security Number, credit/debit cards, and much more.

Truth Finder’s public records include different types of information, such as arrest records, property and business ownership records, education records, weapons permits, and many more. Platforms support mobile platforms as well as the web-based service, and customer support is provided by phone and email during business hours seven days a week.

#8 CheckPeople

A people search software like CheckPeople provides information such as email addresses, phone numbers, social media profiles, and contact information. The software is simple to use, and with the simple undergoing procedure, you will be able to find out information about the specific person you are seeking. The search results you get include your full name, sexual offender status, criminal records, traffic records, online dating profiles, marriage and divorce records, and more.

As well as unlimited reports and searches, the platform is free to try on the first attempt. After that, a small subscription fee is required to have complete access to the platform. With CheckPeople, you can get authentic information without filling out paperwork, and you can find anyone using the search tool. By entering the cell or landline number of the person, you can reserve a phone number lookup. There are many ways of finding cyber footprints, such as blogs, pictures, and social media accounts.

#9 eVerify

Utilizes electronic matching information to verify the identity and employment eligibility of newly hired employees. Stay informed about what’s going on and what’s about to happen.

Using the software, you can satisfy compliance requirements, including resolving compliance issues and notifying employers of non-compliant behavior. All the employees have compliance assistance in the form of emails, phone calls, desk reviews, and site visits. Furthermore, the platform is dispensing data for in-depth information that includes performance and usage statistics, reports, and the participating employer search tool.

#10 Location SMS

With Location SMS, users can locate themselves by sending the text ‘Where are you?you?you?’. The app will locate the phone and reply to users with the coordinates or location of the number from which the text came. In addition, even when the mobile network is offline, it will still detect the location and send the text.

Location SMS enables users to set up a Geo-fence, which will automatically notify their loved ones when they reach a specific location. The users can find their lost phone even if it is on a do not disturb mode by sending a ‘Lost’ text, which will make the phone ring loudest. Moreover, users are able to control who can send texts to their phones when tracking them.

#11 Infotracer

You can find any information about a person of interest through Infotracer, a public record provider software program. You can find specific phone numbers, email addresses, gender, names, and much more. You can use the infotracer to learn more about a person’s assets, such as their business, vehicles, aircraft, and boats. Additionally, you can find out how much a person earns and their investment portfolio.

The software is simple to use, and all you need to do is conduct a search, and favorable results are ready in no time. Additionally, the criminal records section contains details about dispositions, police reports, probation, and more. With Infotracer, you can find relevant information about a person with accurate court, marriage, and divorce records.

#12 Pipl

Pipl is a search engine that allows people to find other people around the world. There are many applications associated with the platform, but it is marketed as a tool to assist businesses with verifying identities and detecting and preventing instances of financial fraud. There are millions of users around the world using the platform, and its database now contains over 3 billion profiles. You only need to enter a person’s details, like contact numbers, social handles, and email addresses, to pinpoint their whereabouts.

A user can also search for business contacts and complete his or her profile by searching for more information. Additionally, you will be able to retrieve missing contact details, so that you can create and execute more targeted and personalized marketing campaigns. With Pipl, you don’t need any specific IT skills to use its services.

#13 Anywho

Anyone is an online solution for finding people, businesses, and places anywhere in the world. The site is designed specifically for businesses who want to target audiences, find businesses, etc. By searching for a person’s name and location, you can find out their contact information. The area code or ZIP code can also be used to find information, which saves time and effort.

In order to access the site, you’ll need to enter your First Name, Last Name, City, and State. Simply hit the find button after you have entered all information; within a second, it will show you all the results, and you can freely import and copy unlimited results. You can also use the site for a reverse phone lookup and a yellow pages directory to find information related to the phone numbers you are looking for.

#14 Who Easy

Who Easy is intelligent software that allows you to track phone numbers and obtain results instantly and automatically. You will learn the holder’s name, address, and more about the phone number. A simple phone lookup made easier by Who Easy allows you to determine who owns the phone and reach out to the owner.

You no longer have to waste time looking through old phonebooks or contacts with this software. The system will retrieve the information regarding the phone number in a matter of seconds as soon as you type in the information in the search bar. Data is available on every single number, whether it is a landline or a mobile device.

#15 Spokeo

With Spokeo, you can safely find and learn about people by combining white pages listings, social network information, and public records. It is designed specifically for businesses, providing fast, simple, and reliable data. People can use the platform to research and connect with others all over the world. As opposed to all the other leading platforms, it also offers mobile applications that allow you to identify unknown callers, block unwanted calls, enhance your address book, etc.

In addition, Spokeo has a feature that lets you share unknown telemarketer calls with its community. It also includes features such as an intuitive interface, blocking unwanted calls, improving contact lists, and finding profiles based on your address book contacts. Furthermore, you can search for a specific address and organize 12 billion records to help users reconnect, etc.

#16 Intelius

Intellius is a powerful solution that helps you locate and identify unknown callers around the world quickly and easily. This is the most popular solution for conducting people searches, background checks, reverse phone lookups, and identifying callers using billions of public records. With the help of this, you can get quick, accurate details instantly on anyone around the world, including social username, contact number, age, email address, and even criminal record.

Intelius provides all the core features of Pipl with some new tools helpful in finding accurate information more quickly. To learn more about someone, run a people search by name or contact number. One of the best aspects of this platform is that it comes with rich security features, including an anonymous search system that means no one knows who you are.

Among Intelius’ most distinctive features are a simple interface, use of Caller ID to identify, mobile apps, reverse phone lookup, background checks, and the world’s largest database. It is commercial software and offers multiple price plans; each plan has its own cost and benefits.

#17 USA People Search

People Search USA is a search engine that lets you find out more information about people in the easiest and quickest way. People were able to find long-lost friends and family members, look up criminal records online, find dates, and find peace of mind. Using USA People Search, you have access to a comprehensive database of people who live in the United States. You can obtain accurate background information using this platform, including the complete name, exact age, social username, contact number, and email address.

In addition, it has an option to find criminal history and share it directly with others, unlike all the other leading platforms. Its best feature is that it provides a user-friendly interface and does not require any special skills to get background information, just enter place name, contact number, or email in the search bar and you will get accurate results in a few seconds.

#18 Busted In the USA

The app, Busted In the USA, displays the complete list of all the criminals arrested in all the states of the United States so that you can search for any criminal in your area. Information about all released prisoners can be found in the released section, so users can guide them in becoming useful citizens by providing them with guidance.

Busted In The USA offers a user-friendly interface to view details about all the released prisoners and keep an eye on their activities to report any suspicious activity to the police.

The criminal’s details can be found in the database by selecting the status and typing their first, middle, or last name. Details such as name, age, father’s name, date of booking, location, and the total number of charges are displayed for each criminal. Scrolling down the list of criminals in custody will provide details about the desired person.

#19 US Search

With US Search, you can quickly search for people, contact numbers, email addresses, and all the other required information. Pipl’s alternative comes with all Pipl’s core features, as well as some new tools and services to make it a comprehensive search engine. Designed specifically for those who want to locate or investigate people in the US and deliver complete background information, including criminal records.

US Search offers very low prices and accurate reports; you can choose from three different plans, each with its own benefits and costs. In this way, companies can also verify their employee’s background, criminal history, etc. Besides accurate results, different price plans, and complete background reports, you can also search by name, email address, or phone number, share your search result with others, and much more.

#20 Instant Checkmate

Instant Checkmate helps you discover the truth about the people around you with its simple yet powerful platform. You can run phone number lookups and search arrest records on the platform, which displays real background report details including complete background data on just about anyone you know. Companies and businesses who want to hire innocent candidates and get complete applicants can use Instant Checkmate.

You can get the necessary background checks, criminal records, reverse phone looksups, email searches, and much more with the help of this app. More than 3 billion people are listed in it, and new names are added regularly to deliver a complete and comprehensive experience. As well as being able to copy and share your search results, you can also make them better.

Instant Checkmate can be accessed any time, anywhere, on mobile platforms. Platform features include background checks, finding real ages and different price plans, identifying unknown callers on the go, etc.


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