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FalixNodes Alternatives


By creating your own custom servers, you can play stress-free games with your friends. It is completely free of charge and does not charge ridiculous amounts for its services. As a result, you won’t have to wait in long lines, since the platform ensures everyone can play right away. FalixNodes uses powerful hardware to power your gaming sessions, which is something that many similar services fail to do. It offers in-depth tutorial guides so that everyone can learn about the features and functionalities and build custom servers without difficulty and additional support.

#1 PloudOS

PloudOS allows you to create a fully functional Minecraft server from scratch in four easy steps. It is completely free and lets you create your own server and play Minecraft with your friends. Thanks to AMD CPUs, you can enjoy unmatched performance free from lags and stutters. The platform offers 5 GB of SSD storage, allowing games to begin in seconds. You can choose which plugins and mods you want to add to the server without any restrictions.

With PloudOS, you and your friends can enjoy multiple sessions free of interruptions from all kinds of DDoS attacks. It has more than 20 Minecraft servers, all of which can be managed simultaneously or individually. Plugins, worlds, and mods can also be installed via FTP.

#2 FreeMcServer

Using FreeMcServer, you will be able to play with your friends and colleagues on robust servers. Select either the Always Online Server or the High Memory Server. With 1.5 GB RAM, 10 GB Disk Space, DDoS Protection, Backup Support, and unlimited slots, the High Memory Server boasts high-end specifications. There are almost no differences between the Always Online Server and the High Memory Server, except that it has a relatively low amount of RAM, which is 384 MB.

You can share server status with friends via the platform’s Public page. The servers come with a large MySQL database so you can install plugins, mods, and worlds easily. Backup configurations often and load them when needed to protect them. Adding new features is easy with FreeMcServer’s Control Panel.

#3 Server.pro

It is an easy-to-setup, easy-to-use game server that enhances your gaming experience online with friends and family. Multiple servers can be chosen for games such as Minecraft, Minecraft Bedrock Edition, and Terraria, or a virtual file server can be chosen. Server.pro has fast and sleek file manager, makes file editing versatile, and provides syntax highlighting to make scanning via files a breeze.

All you need to do is follow just a few simple steps and you’ll get everything up and running in no time. Simply sign up, create your server, and after configuring it, you can play. You will have low latency to keep your players connected with the best possible network peering through Server.pro, letting your server grow with the thousands of server communities. Multi-admin, server page, console, plugins, scheduler, mods, resizing, and more features are available.

#4 Kingdoms.gg

A free Minecraft server and cloud support are offered by Kingdoms.gg, an intelligent platform. Dashboards are intuitive, making it easier to find the right server, and from there you can manage all of your servers without any technical knowledge. As a platform, it is the best way to play online games and ensures a smooth experience while playing with friends and family.

A file manager or FTP client can be used to browse your server files, and there is easy file access to your Minecraft server. Our game servers are hosted on an SSD server with blazing-fast internet speed that will streamline your hosting experience. Furthermore, the game offers complete customization and a simple plugin manager, so you can add any plugin to maximize your playing experience.

#5 Mineserver

Minecraft Server is an open-source software that allows you to quickly create Minecraft servers and download Minigames and maps. Having reliable hosting packages and letting you raise your community is what makes the software really stand out. There are multiple things you can do with Mineserver, such as creating an MCPE server, installing plugins, and administering the server.

You can easily add servers, and there are also many search options for you to have access to a variety of servers. There are many different servers you can choose from, such as bed wars, sky wars, mineplex, etc. Multiple features are available: Minigame map download, updated maps every day, smooth running, easy installation, quality display, and more. Further, Mineserver provides many functionalities, such as finding the hottest server, testing the delay, knowing the current number of players online on the server, and keeping only the current server listed.

#6 TridentSDK

The TridentSDK is a MineCraft server system that provides extensive support for plugins for gaming servers. With the software, you can raise the Minecraft community with performance and stability. TridentSDK has contributed significantly over the years to the advancement of coding skills and has helped you manage and pick things up faster; besides, you can improve the API for future development.

For the MineCraft server and TridentSDK, Trident is valuable because it is concurrent, multi-threaded, and thread-safe. Using this software makes coding extremely easy, and it seems to be a long-term solution. Furthermore, you don’t need to wait for server or Forge updates.

#7 Aternos

With Aternos, players can create their own Minecraft servers and play with their friends easily and smoothly. It allows you to have a personal Minecraft server that you can connect to whenever you like. The software can be tailored to your needs, so you can make it your game.

Mods and plugins can be used to play with your favorite mods by adding a plugin and selecting from a variety of preconfigured modpacks. The most important thing about this Aternos is that it can be used as easily as pressing a button and always getting out of any complexity. Since there are no restrictions over the use of multiple servers, you can choose multiple or create your own with ease, have fun, and save your time and money. Aternos is DDOS protected, so you won’t have to worry about threats and attacks during game play.

#8 Minehut

Minecraft hosting server providing platform designed for the Minecraft community, which maximizes the online gaming experience for sure. The platform offers a complete package of servers that can be hosted easily, with a wide range of server options. Minehut guarantees you that you will get your Minecraft server with reliable growth, and your server will be placed on multiple Minecraft server websites for sure.

It only takes a few minutes to set up and be ready to use. Every month, hundreds of thousands of communities are joining the platform to help you grow your community. You can play with friends or other players for an unlimited amount of time, and you can choose a server from the list. There are multiple options in Minehut, such as logging in, browsing a server, shopping, and joining a discord server.

#9 GGServers

GGServers is a Minecraft server hosting software that has support for Java & Bedrock editions. There are several benefits to using the software, including a customizable multi-craft control panel, one-click installation, unmetered SSD and NSMe storage, complete FTP, and MySQL database access. Multi-featured management options are available, including full FTP access, a chat option, console access, and more.

GGServers ensures that your server is always up and running by using DDoS protection. Minecraft servers can be created in multiple locations, and players from all over the world can play with low latency. Our servers feature powerful processors capable of delivering single-core performance of up to 5 GHz. Additionally, you can work with Spigot, FTB, BungeCord, and more with all the modpacks and server types.

#10 Spigot

Spogot is a leading digital marketing platform that offers extensive results for advertisers and media partners. By adding powerful training algorithms to the platform, it produces rapid and highly optimized results for clients with big data. Put in place the best in class customer experience for your organization to be on track with innovation and growth.

Spigot excels in service optimization due to its A/B testing, custom creative development, and conversion funnel optimization. Every time, you will receive value, efficiency, and scalability; that is what customers expect from the service. Whether you require web applications, an eCommerce store that manages Uber service, or communication, or anything else; Spigot provides the right solution regardless of the complexity.

#11 Bukkit

There are a number of ways to extend Minecraft’s multiplayer servers using Bukkit, an all-in-one free and open-source software. Content creators will benefit from the software’s streamlined user experience, making it easier to share content with others.

Owners of the software will be able to start and grow their communities with the help of the software’s tools. Our site appears to be purely secure, having advanced security protocols that ensure you are protected at all times when browsing and using it. In addition to this, the software provides the safest and most trusted third-party Minecraft server mirror for server owners and hosts as well as the general public.

#12 PaperMC

PaperMC is a new generation Minecraft server that is compatible with Spigot Plugins and has unmatched performance. Administrators can use the software to boost their servers while developers can use it to add more functionality to their websites. Submit a pull request and receive real-time support from the community of developers and administrators.

By having the next version of timings and giving you the reason why your server is being slowed down, PaperMC extracts the best performance with its various improvements and optimizations. The API also offers additional features and functions that you can add by yourself.

#13 Glowstone

The Glowstone Minecraft server is a legit Minecraft server that doesn’t require any Mojang code and supports the APIs that you love. You have support for code bukkit plugins that will natively work for you with Glowstone, and at the same time, you have support for bukkit2sponge right for your Sponger powered plugins.

In order to improve performance or functionality, you don’t have to work with an official Minecraft server. Glowstone can be used by anyone, and with the MIT license, you can modify it to fit your suit server’s requirements. Furthermore, Glowstone is simple for improving CraftBukkit and other servers and is open-source and community-centric.

#14 Sponge

The Sponge platform allows you to go beyond random acts of marketing when it comes to marketing and operational analytics. Through its smarter process design, tech stack, and more, the platform is the way to go for your business. With sponge, you can keep your marketing campaigns going, so your business will become more productive in a more streamlined manner. Take your data pipeline to the next level, whether it’s nurture programs, webinars, emails, BDR calls, landing pages, and get your campaigns on track with consistent revenue delivery.

Through the proper implementation, integration, and optimization of the sophisticated Martech tools, the platform automates complex processes for you so you can focus on growing your business. Eventually, everything will work for you to have a great strategy for dealing with confounding problems in weekly sprints. As a competent marketing contributor, Sponge has developed KPIs, reports, dashboards, and custom attribution models that can solidify your campaign’s effectiveness.

#15 Minecraft Server

Minecraft Servers are computer software that can be either owned by players or owned by businesses, and they are only compatible with the Minecraft Java Edition. Different servers are created by partners from the Minecraft community, and each has its own mini-games so you can collaborate and compete with friends easily.

Different players can start their own servers under the guidance of the server operators or by installing Mojang on their computers. In addition, operators can install plugins to change the mechanics of the server or to add commands. Through chat filters and in-game reporting, these servers keep all players safe.

#16 Cuberite

In addition to being easy to use and extensible, as well as being written in C++, Cuberite can be used as a replacement for Vanilla because of its light weight. In addition to its agility and configurability, the software is known for reproducing most Minecraft features accurately.

Using Cuberite’s extensive plugin system, users can write their own plugins using Lua. Installing the software is very simple and can be adjusted for Linux, Windows, macOS, and Android. The basic Cuberite comes with a complete manual that guides you through its operation.

#17 Triangle.gs

With Triangle.gs, you can play Minecraft games with your friends for free online. We designed this program to be simple yet powerful so you can experience lag-free multiplayer, with a few people at a time. The Intel Xeon E5 chipset and the faster RAM will give you near to 100% uptime, as well as Intel Xeon E5 chips. DDoS attacks are prevented by hard-to-pry firewalls. As a whole, Triangle.gs is a great platform for playing multiplayer Minecraft online.

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