Elon Musk says Twitter’s checkmark program could return on Friday, Dec. 2, with a new procedure to verify individual identities to solve impersonation issues. Musk described the new manual authentication process as “painful, but necessary.Verified checkmarks are also expanding with additional colors: gold for businesses, gray for government, and the original blue for individual accounts.

Musk had previously said that Twitter will “probably use different color check marks for organizations than individuals”, although this is the first time he offers details. “All verified individual people will have [the] the same blue tick, because the boundary of what is ‘striking’ is otherwise too subjective,” Musk said in a tweet. “Individuals can have [a] secondary small logo that shows they belong to an organization, if verified as such by that organization.”

Twitter’s CEO says he’ll give a longer explanation of how everything will work next week.


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