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Elf Yourself Alternatives

Elf Yourself

Millions of people worldwide love Elf Yourself, an Entertainment app developed superbly by Magic Mirror LLC. It lets you make your own dancing videos and share them with friends. It is an annual tradition to have your image displayed on holiday dancing elves in a personalized video.

You can upload more than five images from your camera roll of yourself, your friends, family, and others. There is even a dance theme that you can choose. With this tool, you can create a custom Elf Yourself video to share via email or social media. Downloadable and purchaseable videos are available.

To create your own video, you can choose any one of them. Each video has its own sound effects and background music. Users can also add their own music, which makes the video more interesting. The stunning world of Elf Yourself is brought to life through this fun app.

#1 Harlem Shake Super Dance Yourself


You can create and share cool dancing videos using the app on your phone or tablet. It lets you create your own dance videos and share them with friends, colleagues, family, and other people. Harlem Shake Super Dance Yourself is an all-in-one entertainment app.

Put a custom head on your video or use a photo from your album. Videos include Marching Super Shake, Funny Bunny Shake, Cute Pirate Shake, and Miami King Shake, among many others. The app is filled with great content that lets you dance until your head spins. A wide range of characters are available within the application.

Dance moves and personalities vary from character to character. Put any face you want on the crazy consumed dancer, and start out in street clothes, then put on the whole outfit. The Harlem Shake Super Dance Yourself app is quite easy to use. Select an image from your album or take a new picture, add a dancer, choose a clip, and create your own video. An impressive list of core features makes this app stand out from the rest.

#2 Facejjang

You can be a star on Facejjang without any prior effort. To have real fun with Facejjang, simply upload a photo of yourself and edit it. In addition to being an alternative to Elf yourself, the app offers many new features that make it better than its competitors.

There are many video categories in the app, including dance, fight, funny, and much more. There are videos in each category. Additionally, you can upload your own video to make it better than others.

Facejjang is a lightweight app that does not require you to download any additional content to use it. There are prominent features such as multiple videos, adding new music, simple UI, and direct sharing. Do try it out, it is a fun app for all ages.

#3 Crazy Flamenco Dance

Tap and Top Fun Free Apps has developed and published Crazy Flamenco Dance, an Entertainment app. You can have fun with your friends wherever and whenever you want with this app. The application allows you to create your own dancing videos in which you dance as an authentic Spanish Flamenco. It lets you show your friends what a skilled dancer you are and how attractive you look with your frilly dress and a unique Spanish hat.

A single app contains a variety of dancing moves, locations, costumes, and engaging music tracks. Your creations can be made more exciting and fun by adding your desired stuff. Your dancing clip will be created by taking a photo, placing your face inside the silhouette, and dancing as an authentic Flamenco stage in Spain.

It also has numerous elegant features such as multiple soundtracks, an easy-to-use interface, and the ability to purchase new items. Crazy Flamenco Dance is free to download, but you will need to buy costumes and locations if you want to use them.

#4 Dance-ish Me

The Dance-ish Me app lets you move and dance like Kenichi Ebina, a world-renowned dancer and winner of America’s Got Talent 2013. On the live show, two judges – Howie Mandel and Heidi Klum – dance with Kenichi, a free to use app. The app includes multiple dancing videos, all of which offer completely different dance moves in different locations.

To create your personalized video, you can select a photo from the camera roll or import your favorite photo from Facebook. By adding new music tracks, you can make your videos more stunning and funny by changing the background, adding text bubbles, and adding new music tracks.

After creating a video, you can share it directly with your family and friends, or you can upload it to Facebook to get real-time feedback. Additionally, Dance-ish Me offers a number of prominent features, including no registration required, easy-to-use, unlimited video creation and sharing, direct YouTube uploads, and more. The Dance-ish Me app is the best choice for you to have in your cell phone if you want to dance like Kenichi Ebina.

#5 Dance With Santa 3D Free

Dance With Santa 3D Free lets you share the joy of Christmas with everyone you love. The only thing you have to do is upload a photo of yourself, a friend, or a family member from your camera roll. The app will turn you into the cutest dancing Santa. An entertainment app developed by GeniApps for iOS and Android devices is free to use.

You can make your video more interesting and funny with the application’s tools and services. The video can be emailed or shared on Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube. You can access the share videos from anywhere at any time because they are all stored over the cloud.

Like other similar applications, Dance With Santa 3D Free also lets you create your own character, environment, dance moves, and music. The application must be downloaded and installed into your mobile device, a profile must be created, and all features are accessible without any limitations for creating your own dancing videos. Dance With Santa 3D Free is an addictive and fun app that immerses you in the world of Santa.

#6 Dance Bootha

Create the most refreshing and funny dance videos with Dance Booth – My Singing and Dancing Tour. The app offers all the features of Elf Yourself, as well as new dancing videos, tools, and features.

There are multiple dancing videos in the app, each with its own location, music, and characters. Additionally, you can create your own dance video with characters and settings of your choice. The process involves choosing more than five different faces, choosing a location, adjusting the faces, choosing music, and clicking the create button.

If you have created your funniest content, you can easily share it with others and save it for later viewing. You can customize any video with new characters, change music, and more with the Dance Booth app. Try it out, if you really want to create the funniest elf videos.

#7 Crazy Motion

With Crazy Motion: Share Funny Dance Videos, you can create wild photo and video scenarios right from your phone. You can add original photos to the vast collection of hilarious dance videos with seamless creative control. Crazy Motion is a free app that is quickly becoming a classic for users around the world.

By using the app, you can create funny dancing videos or images using one of the faces. With it, you can create your own animated characters, customize the location, adjust images, and do much more. Music tracks can also be added to your videos to boost their appeal.

Create your videos by choosing the video and taking or uploading photos with just one click. After adjusting your images, you can press the done button within a minute and enjoy the results.

#8 Funny Dance

Create your own dancing videos with Funny Dance – Dancing Elf, a free mobile application. Create a custom video in less than a minute by taking your own photo or uploading more than three pictures of you, your friends, and more from your camera roll. For Android and iOS devices, it is free to use applications developed by AI&T Joint Stock Company.

In addition to the ELF Yourself app, the app offers advanced features that provide a more comprehensive experience. Funny Dance app has a limited number of videos, but it provides quality dancing videos. This can be achieved by accessing a gallery and downloading an unlimited number of unique videos. The game also enables you to cast up to three friends with various faces, including Vietnam’s palm-leaf, sun helmets, and noel hats.

Features include super dancing with friends, sharing videos, downloading new dancing videos, selecting music and location, and a user-friendly interface. Comparatively to the other Dancing ELF video-making applications, Funny Dance is the best.

#9 Elf Dance

With Elf Dance, you can enjoy your holidays more by involving your family and friends in hilarious elf dances. Create your own dance and create a smile on everyone’s face with this app. Each video in the app has its own music and theme.

You can also make amazing dancing clips by creating or downloading new videos. It lets you compose five elves, give each one a face, and make them dance together, just like Elf Yourself. Also, you can choose how many looks you want to change, what kind of environment you want, save video, and share it.

Additionally, it is possible to create personalized video cards to wish all your friends a Merry Christmas via WhatsApp, Skype, and Facebook. Videos can be uploaded directly to YouTube for viral distribution.

#10 Dance Video Maker

Create dance videos with Dance Video Maker. A diverse selection of best dances is available in the app, as well as a variety of dance music to put in your music video. Elf Yourself is a simple app, but offers some new tools and features that will make your videos more interesting.

The first step is to choose the photo, crop the face, choose the video background, select the music, and share it with your friends and family. The dancing videos on the app are all unique, with their own character, background, and dance moves. It also offers a gallery of dance videos you can download. Create fun dancing videos with Dance Video Maker, an app that offers a fun way to do so.

#11 Znapin

Znapin aims to provide users with a platform that allows them to create memories while answering questions or completing challenges. Image and video-based challenges and fun-making are all part of the platform. Challenges can be accepted by users, and they will be presented with a challenge to complete, such as Dare & Scare, Tongue Twister, Pranks, etc.

Users can accept challenges, perform them, and upload their video or picture either to be visible to all users or to only those who follow them. Additionally, the platform allows other users to like or comment on the videos and images posted by other users. Znapin is all about having fun with friends by doing weird and fun things. Furthermore, users can look at how other people solved the same challenges under the challenge gallery. The platform is also free, and users have accounts.

#12 Harlem Shake Booth

Enjoy and share the joys of Christmas with everyone you care about with Dance With Santa 3D Free. All you have to do is upload a photo of yourself, a friend, family, or anything else from your camera roll. This will turn you into Santa Claus dancing. An entertainment app developed by GeniApps for iOS and Android devices is free to download.

You can make your video more interesting and funny with the application’s tools and services. You can share the video via email or post on Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube. All the share videos are saved over the cloud so you can view it anytime, anywhere.

Like other similar applications, Dance With Santa 3D Free also lets you create your own character, environment, dance moves, and music. The application must be downloaded and installed into your mobile device, a profile must be created, and all features are accessible without any limitations for creating your own dancing videos. Dance With Santa 3D Free is a fun, addictive app that takes you deep into the magical world of Santa.

#13 The Christmas Movie Card

Planeta Kids has developed and published a Christmas Movie Card. The app is a great way to congratulate your friends and family for Christmas by surprising them with Santa clues or mother’s day cards. There might be an elf, a reindeer, and a snowman dancing to the rhythm of the Christmas Carol.

Share it with your friends and family by adding more than five heads with the bodies of Santa Claus, an elf, or a snowman. To congratulate your friends and loved ones on Christmas, you can even add text. Upon creating your card or video, you can easily share it on social media platforms and save it for later viewing.

Elf YourSelf also allows you to create funny dance videos using different backgrounds, just like Elf YourSelf. Additionally, this app allows you to create comic GIF files with the elf, which make it more interesting. The Christmas Movie Card is free to use the app and not require registration.

#14 Animate Me

It is an excellent app that lets you create unlimited animated dancing videos by acting as a music video editor or director. Using this app, you can control everything, including the location of the video shoot, dance moves, characters, skin color, and tracks.

With it, you can add your friends’ or family’s faces to make elf dancing videos and make boring videos more enjoyable. You can grab the characters, the background, the dance, and the music in more than one million combinations. It offers a complete guide on how to use all the tools and make your own videos.

You can post your video to Facebook and other platforms to share it directly with your family and friends. There are many critical features of the Animate Me app, such as multiple characters, lots of upgrades, a user-friendly interface, new tools, and more. If you would like to create and share unlimited dance videos, download the Animate Me app.

#15 FacejjangSangmin BangPhotography

FacejjangSangmin BangPhotography is a video editing app that allows you to extract your face from a photo and add the sticker of your face to your video in order to prank your family members.

Sharing a video on all of your social media accounts allows you to share it with your social friends. With this app, users can add as many stickers to a video as they want to take editing to a whole new level.

Using the FacejjangSangmin BangPhotography app, you can drag and drop stickers by tapping on the screen with your fingers. Video can be saved in the internal storage after adding the faces of friends.

#16 Animate Yourself 3D

Psycho Bear Studios created Animate Yourself 3D – Dance Video Maker as a free Entertainment app. You can act as a director in this application, and do your desired things in the way you would like. You can control the video environment, the characters, the clothes, the music, and everything else involved in making an amazing video or image.

With the new text bubble feature, you can make the character talk and say the craziest things, and see what kind of hilarious situations you can create. With Animate Yourself 3D – Dance Video Maker, you can edit videos and photos to enhance their fun factor.

Numerous prominent features are included in the application, such as multiple characters, customizing the location, creating own characters with real faces, import music, text bubbles, 3D environments, and others. Take a look at it. It has so many features that you will be amazed.


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