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EcoFlow’s whole-home backup kits can lower your energy bills

EcoFlow is now being sold Backup power solutions for the entire home which bundle a variety of the company’s products already available à la carte. The kits are essentially a more scalable version of Tesla’s Powerwall+ without the long installation waits, which also remains portable so you can take some of that idle power with you for an off-grid outing.

The new EcoFlow kits make it easy to choose the right amount of backup power for your needs and budget. Prices start at $3,699 and approach $20,000 if you want unlimited backup power. That’s a lot of money (even after U.S. tax credits) compared to noisy gas generators, but EcoFlow’s zero-emission kits require no maintenance and can also help lower your everyday energy bill.

All three kits are built around EcoFlow’s expandable Delta Pro power plants with 3.6 kWh lithium iron phosphate (LFP) battery capacity and up to 3600 W AC output. Our recent review of the Delta Pro paired with an EcoFlow 400W foldable solar panel showed that the solar generator is capable of regularly charging an RV, off-grid cabin, e-bike and a host of gadgets over a three-month road trip. to soften.

The Advanced Kit includes two Delta Pros linked together with a Double Voltage Hub connected to your home's power input.

The Advanced Kit includes two Delta Pros linked together with a Double Voltage Hub connected to your home’s power input.
Image: EcoFlow

Both the EcoFlow Starter and Advanced Kits are intended for homes with power inlet cabinets (NEMA L14-30P) and transfer switches already installed by a professional. The more capable Smart Control Kit requires the help of an electrician to connect a cable EcoFlow Smart Home panel in your main fuse box.

EcoFlow’s so-called Starter Kit ($3,699) isn’t a kit at all, as it only contains a single Delta Pro unit. You connect the Delta Pro to your home’s power input with a 30A cable (NEMA TT-30P to L14-30R) sold separately. Otherwise, without that transfer switch, all you get is a big battery that you can wheel into your kitchen to plug your fridge into, along with a few other devices like your phone, laptop, a lamp, and maybe a space. stove or microwave. The Delta Pro can be charged from a wall outlet in 2.7 hours and supports up to 4800W of solar power.

EcoFlow's backup power estimates.

EcoFlow’s backup power estimates.
Screenshot: EcoFlow

The Advanced Kit (starting at $7,498) provides two Delta Pros that you link together with an included Double tension hub for up to 7200 W / 240 V output and 7.2 kWh capacity. This kit also includes the generator cable to connect the Double Voltage Hub to your power inlet box.

7200W is enough to power just about any heavy household appliance, including your washing machine and dryer. The kit can be expanded to add two Extra Batteries for 14.4 kWh ($13,096) of total capacity or even four additional batteries for 21.6 kWh ($18,649), which is enough capacity to power a standard home for about a week, according to EcoFlow’s calculations.

Of course, you can also choose to keep things old-fashioned for less than $1,500 with a traditional 9,000W gas generator plugged into your home’s power input. But they are noisy and messy and emit toxins into the environment so they can’t be used indoors, while the EcoFlow solution is quiet and clean and can even save you money when paired with an EcoFlow Smart Home panel.

EcoFlow's proposed savings from scheduled outage during peak hours.

EcoFlow’s proposed savings from scheduled outage during peak hours.
Image: EcoFlow

That’s where EcoFlow’s Smart Control Kit (starting at $5,298 for a single Delta Pro configuration) comes in handy. It builds on the Advanced Kit with the addition of a EcoFlow Smart Home panel (SHP) for scheduled operation during peak hours and automatic 20 ms switchover in case of failure. (Some gas generators can also be set up for fast transfer by installing an automatic transfer switch.)

The SHP integrates directly into your home circuit to create 10 single-phase power circuits (or five split-phase circuits) that can be independently managed and prioritized through the EcoFlow app. The app also shows you real-time energy reports and allows you to schedule the switch to your Delta Pro(s) for the hours when energy prices are most expensive. You can then charge the batteries from the grid when prices drop or from your AC-connected solar panels.

And if you still have money left, Ecoflow also bets on automatic start smart generator with two fuels ($1,399) to keep charging the Delta Pros as long as you add LPG or gas, as well as the sun-tracking robot quirk of making sure your panels stay pointed directly at the sun.

US buyers can apply for a 30 percent tax credit

EcoFlow’s Whole-Home Backup Power Kits are now available in the US, where owners can claim a 30 percent tax credit as a result of the government’s 2022 Inflation Reduction Act. Europeans will also soon be offered an alternative backup solution that combines EcoFlow’s Power Kits (which we just discussed) with a Smart Home Panel for up to 30 kWh of total battery capacity and support for up to 9600 W of solar power.

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