dr. Stone Ryusui Release Date, Anime Episode Preview Pictures Released

The text reads: Dr. Stone: Ryusui will air on Tokyo MX and BS11 in July! Photo credit: Dr. STONE Special Stage

dr. Stone: Ryusui, a special episode in the Dr. Stone Universe, will air in July 2022, as revealed in an AnimeJapan 2022 broadcast. In addition, the broadcast revealed a few preview photos of the anime, discussed the future of the show, discussed the third season in more detail and revealed that a special chapter of the manga will appear in Shonen Jump around the time the special does. , suggesting it may be somehow related to the broadcast.

The special will follow Ryusui through his daily life and his way of life after the end of the second season of Dr. Stone, an anime-original special that could be meant to tie the two seasons together. While the special was shown at Jump FESTA, a report of the content is a little hard to find.

Additionally, an important release date visual was shown during the broadcast, which you can view below:

Photo credit: AnimeAnime

When is Dr. Stone season 3 out?

Season three of the anime will be released sometime in 2023, after the special’s premiere. Considering how the Ryusui special could act as an introduction to the third season in addition to the bonus chapter, it will be interesting to see how they adapt the rest of the manga as the series recently ended serialization.

Will they adapt the remaining chapters of the manga to one season, or will they draw it out? We’ll know in 2023!

What does the future hold for the series after Ryusui?

Warning: Major Spoilers For The End Of The Dr. Stone manga below – if you haven’t read the series front to back yet, then read no further!

dr. Stone is in a bit of an odd position, having ended the serialization on a cliffhanger at a won’t-they-won’t-they prompt for Senku, where he plans to go back in time to prevent the petrification ever takes place by building a time machine using the Medusa – a perfect prompt for a continuation in one form or another!

Will this be covered in the special chapter? Will the special chapter tie in with the Ryusui special? Will there be a spin-off manga about Senku’s new adventures? Or will Dr. Stone end with the third season and live on as an admirable example of a shonen?

We don’t have those answers yet, unfortunately, but it all seems to stem from that upcoming special chapter – stay tuned for more!


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