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Who is Dr. Lynette Nusbacher?

Born on December 17, 1966 in New York City, USA, Aryeh Judah Schoen Nusbacher is both a historian and a television personality, best known as one of the leading experts on military history, especially World War II. She also caused a lot of controversy when he underwent surgery to change his gender and become a woman.

The net worth of Dr. Lynette Nusbacher

As of early 2020, Dr. Lynette Nusbacher estimated at over $1.25 million earned through success in her various endeavors. Aside from her television appearances, she has also landed prominent roles in education and government sectors for several countries.

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Educational achievements

At a young age, Lynette developed a strong interest in world history, particularly the great wars that shaped the modern world. After graduating from high school he enrolled at the University of Toronto where he studied a degree in history and economics – he spent a significant part of his childhood in Canada as the family settled there – the university is a of the best in the world in terms of research.

He completed his undergraduate degree with honors and continued his education by enrolling at the Royal Military College of Canada. The school is known as one of the degree awarding institutions responsible for the training of military officers in Canada.

It is closely associated with the Canadian Forces and because of its history, the campus has a mix of traditional and more modern facilities. He completed a master’s degree in war studies, expanding his expertise in history, learning more about the evolution of warfare, the battle for intelligence, the failures of different countries, and the processes within the military of different countries.

Further studies and career start

After completing his master’s degree, Nusbacher continued his studies University of Oxford in the UK, studied for a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), focused on British modern history, and obtained his PhD from one of the most prestigious universities in the world.

He then continued to take programs to further his knowledge and enrolled at the National School of Government to take a short course in Organizational Leadership. The school is also based in England and offers courses for the development of future civil servants in the country.

While completing his education, he took on numerous jobs which also helped build his resume. In the early 1990s, he was on the staff of the University of Toronto as an administrator. He took several courses for the Canadian Army while serving as a logistics officer in the Canadian Forces, a position he held for six years.

He then moved to the UK and continued her studies there, as he was assigned a position in the country’s cabinet, working as part of the Strategy Horizons Unit. After working there he was hired by the University of Reading as a lecturer.

Television career

While busy with work in academia and government, ‘Lynette’ regularly returned to his alma mater to work as a teacher. For more than ten years he was Senior Lecturer at the Royal Military Academy, Sandhurst, and after finishing his long-term work at the University of Reading, he continued to be a visiting lecturer and lecturer in strategy. In 2003, he gained some attention and appeared regularly on television as an expert on military history, including on the show “Time Commanders”.

Doctor Lynette Nusbacher

As his associates grew, he founded a few organizations, the first being Nusbacher employees exploring new options in technology. The organization is more of a think tank and their exploits are often reported through an online blog. He also helped create the Devil’s Advocacy group, which promotes more skeptical views of history.

In addition to his television work, he has also written several books, including ‘1314: Bannock Burn’ and ‘War and Conflict’. The former detailed the historical Scottish battle, with more details on war during the Middle Ages. The latter book deals with several cases of teenagers, designed as a self-help book.

He has also written several blog posts and articles for online publications. His most noted work may be as a military expert for the History Channel.

Gender change

In 2007, Nusbacher continued sex reassignment surgery, changing completely from a man to a woman, including a name change to Lynette. It was also a questionable decision, as “he” had been married for nearly a decade before deciding to change gender. Despite this unusual and drastic change, she continued to lead the way as an expert in military history.

Despite that, her wife is very supportive of her and refuses to comment to the media about the situation.

The change did not affect her work, and many senior officers, as well as government officials, respected her decision. Some of them even went so far as to impose sanctions on those who disrespected her decision. Because of this change and her influence, she has been cited several times as one of the most influential figures of the LGBTQ community.

Private life

Lynette married Melanie Bright in 1998, and they have two children together. Her wife is known for her work as a marketing and communications officer in Winchester City, England.

The two are very private when it comes to their family life, children and their relationship. Lynette is known to be very passionate about the Jewish community, calling them one of the most important communities in the world. She fights to preserve their history, and one of the reasons she became very fascinated with World War II is because of its effect on the Jewish community.

While her gender change was not publicly announced, many people noticed the similarity of her previous appearance and current personality.


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