Creating a deep marketing strategy through your business card

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Have you ever considered the ways your business card will impact the people you give it to? Have you realized their in-depth reach to potential customers related to your business?

Well, for starters, your business card is a formidable tool in your pocket that performs a myriad of functions. It projects what your business is all about, it showcases your brand’s viability, and it shapes valuable referral marketing into uncharted territories. It also provides a much-needed reminder long after you and the recipient have parted ways.

The point I’m trying to make here is that if you view your business card as a formality or leave it out of your marketing plan altogether, you are potentially missing out on a great marketing opportunity here.

So how can your business cards help you? boost your marketing strategy† The following important tips will guide you in what to do:

  1. Give your business card a creative look

Creativity surprises everyone and is appreciated from all sides; the same logic applies to business cards as well. Displaying certain common credentials in a unique way on your card will make it more memorable and will be well received by everyone.

You can give them creative textures using a range of different techniques such as embossing, embossing ink or letterpressing. Color is also a crucial element that stands out in a business card. The juxtaposition of colors used in your map should be such that all the essentials are clearly visible.

So when the palette is chosen, try testing it before recalling the print. So when it comes to the color palette, your color scheme should be consistent across your websites, business cards, and promotional materials.

  1. Make it expressive and functional

You shouldn’t get too carried away in an effort to make your card stand out. So without resorting to gimmicks, your priority should be to provide enough information with expressive visual design, unique style and readability with the limited space of your card.

Being able to incorporate all of these elements implies your attention to detail – clear evidence of professionalism. Therefore, custom designed creative business cards serve as an effective tool for boosting your marketing strategy.

Such a business card automatically becomes a conversation medium for your company. As a result, your business card becomes one that collects sales instead of dust.

  1. Record testimonials

Your potential customers and clients don’t have much idea where you stand in the market; they would of course be interested to know your previous record. So it makes sense to tell them about the credibility of your product or service through testimonials.

So including one or two of the best you’ve received to date will underline your status. The recipients are likely to be more satisfied and would not find it necessary to go online to check your credibility. Moreover, selecting the right quote for testimonial gives you more advantages of unique selling points of your product or service.

  1. Include it in your correspondence

Whether you’re sending invoices or other types of correspondence with your target market to business-to-business deals, make sure to include your card. You can ask your loyal suppliers or customers if they can pass on your business card. This strategy is as effective for consumers as B2B transactions.

Business cards can also help you form strategic alliances by placing them in supermarkets, car washes, restaurants, etc. Keep your eyes peeled for opportunities to bring your business cards to the attention of your target audience.

  1. add your photo

How many faces do you remember during your short business interactions? Probably not much; it is because it is a really hard task to remember both the name and their faces at the same time.

Thus, by including a photo on your business card, you go a long way towards cementing your identity in the memory of those you meet. This allows them to easily recall you in full at a later stage, which is very helpful for your business. It also increases your brand awareness and your likeability factor.


It’s time to look at your business card from a new and innovative perspective. Even after the development of various modern means of communication, a business card is still important and offers countless opportunities to promote your business.


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