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Cracked.to Alternatives


It is one of the best cracking sites with a giant community offering cracked keyloggers, intensive proxies, high-speed residential proxies, cheap RDP for cracking, an email access checker, an AIO checker, and a cracked version of Venom software. In addition to Announcements, Feedback & Suggestions, Upgraded Tools, Gaming, Entertainment, Achievements & Bragging, Achievements & Bragging, and much more, it is home to various services. By uploading all your cracking configurations, you can use cracked programs such as Sentry MBA, STORM, OpenBullet, OpenBullet 2, SNIPR, BlackBullet, and others.

In Cracked.to, users can find all the latest modded apps and games and modern proxies. In addition to covering general hacking software like botnets, IRC bots, malware, and more, this platform also has general hacking discussions.

#1 Nulled.to

In addition to finding tons of great leaks, making new friends, engaging in active discussion, Nulled.to is mostly used by cybercriminals for trading and purchasing leaked and hacked information. You must be logged in to upload anything, or like and comment on any content posted; otherwise, you cannot download anything that is not offered by other options.

By using its suggestion or ideas option, you will be able to participate in discussions about GNU, Linux, XWindows, computer software, computer hardware, PC build, and many other topics. It covers professional cracking tools & programs such as Combo Tools, Proxy Tools, and Spam Tools for leeching proxies, sorting wordlists, and many others.

#2 RaidForums

RaidingForums is an all-in-one database sharing & marketplace forum that allows cracking tools, leaks, hacking solutions, marketplace, tutorials, technology, and other stuff. It gives you access to topics such as GNU, Linux, XWindows, computer software, computer hardware, PC building, and many others. Its announcement & suggestion function allows you to read the ideas and suggestions users have regarding the posted software in the comment section below it.

With RaidForums’ cracking tools and tutorial function, you can get Combolist tools, cracking tools & more stuff. You can also create some juicy configurations for Sentry MBA without causing any disturbance. A classic function of this forum is the database sharing and marketplace forum, along with exclusive database leaks and breaches.

#3 Sinister.ly

A user-friendly cracking forum, Sinister.ly lets you crack Combo Lists, Tutorials, Hacking solutions, Configurations, cryptocurrency markets, and much more. As highlighted in its statistic function, this platform provides all the necessary information about the posted stuff including date & time, author, last sender, forum category, and location, making it easier for users to easily find the required content without wasting time in searching.

It allows you to trade your cryptocurrency items & stuff and exchange PP, BTC, WMZ, PM, AGC with any asset without any interruptions through its market function. Content is organized into categories, such as technology, coding & design, entertainment, market, groups, and more.

#4 Cracking.org

Cracking.org is one of the most diverse cracking forums & communities, offering premium accounts, configurations, combo lists, tutorials, tools hacking solutions, leaks, and much more. Modern cracking tools and programs are covered, such as Combo Tools, Proxy Tools, Spam Tools for leeching proxies, sorting wordlists, and much more. With its cracking configuration feature, it lets you share your cracking configurations for different cracking programs such as Sentry MBA, STORM, OpenBullet, OpenBullet 2, SNIPR, BlackBullet, and others.

Furthermore, Cracking.org offers a cryptocurrency trading market where you can buy or sell your cryptocurrencies at profitable rates. By using its trading or currency exchange section, you can trade your stuff and items as well as exchange PP, BTC, WMZ, PM, AGC with any asset at any time without any hassle. In the Leak section of this platform, users can find Free premium accounts, Database dumps, IPTV links, Tutorials & Guides, and many more.

#5 Eleaks.to

Eleaks.to is a smart forum that provides cracked versions of Premium Accounts, RenkokukeN, Leaked E-Books, Databases, Configurations, Memberships, software, Combolists, Tutorials, and many others. There is also an announcement & suggestion function where all members can check for new updates and share ideas or suggestions regarding the posted software in the comment section which is available below the relevant application. With its cracking tools and tutorial function, it offers Combolist tools, cracking tools & more. It also gives you some juicy configurations for Sentry MBA, not available with traditional platforms.

It allows users to share all the most popular & latest Modded Android Apps and Games, as well as many other modern proxies. Another classic function of this platform is that it covers general hacking software such as Talks about Botnets, IRC Bots, Malware, or anything else related to hacking.

#6 CrackingPro

In addition to cracking tools, CrackingPro provides tutorials, premium accounts, golden proxy, golden socks, and many other services. In addition to leeching proxies, sorting wordlists, and much more, it can be used with modern cracking tools and programs. This platform has the advantage that all the programs are scanned in the correct order before cracking, so you can perform your task uninterrupted. Through its Marketplace option, you can sell your goods and services such as Products, Accounts, Services, E-books, Monetizing Guides, Combos, and many others.

The exploiting zone contains exploiting tutorials, hacking tools, VULN websites, Website Scripts and Plugins, and general website support, among others. Users can display the graphic stuff they have designed in its graphic zone, as well as tutorials for Photoshop, GIMP, Paint Shop Pro and other graphical programs.

#7 BitcoinTalk

Satoshi Nakamoto created BitcoinTalk, an Internet forum dedicated to discussing bitcoin, new developments, the general environment, blockchain technology, and cryptocurrency. There are multiple functions such as Bitcoin Discussion, Development & Technical Discussion, Mining, Bitcoin Technical Support, Project Development, Marketplace, Trading Discussion, Altcoin Discussion, and many others. Using the marketplace function, it displays the present rate of every coin along with the future rate in every currency, making it easy for investors to trade with your precious assets in a suitable way.

On BitcoinTalk, Bitcoin technical support is available for questions about Bitcoin Core, nodes, the Bitcoin network, transactions, and addresses. It is responsible for organizing bitcoin and related projects, such as bounty campaigns, advertising, etc.


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