Chromebooks can finally get customizable keyboard shortcuts

Google seems to be testing a feature that allows Chromebook users to set up custom keyboard shortcuts across the operating system (through Ars Technica). Although it is currently not working, About ChromebooksKevin Tofel found a keyboard shortcut editor in the ChromeOS 111 beta which can be accessed by enabling flags with names like “enable-shortcut-customization-app” and “improved-keyboard-shortcuts”.

The screen, which can be accessed through the settings app, shows you the list of shortcuts available in different parts of the operating system and apps, as well as the default hotkeys for them. In the experimental version, you can add alternate shortcuts, Tofel said Ars Technica, although unfortunately they don’t seem to work – you can set up shortcuts, but pressing those keys won’t do what you want. The screen also has options to reset defaults for specific shortcuts as well as all shortcuts.

Over there have been hints that this feature has been coming for months, but the version in the beta seems to be almost complete. Hopefully that means it should be rolling out to users in a few weeks or months. While the current version of ChromeOS easily shows you the default hotkeysit’s always nice to be able to customize them to your specific preferences.

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