Chatzy Alternatives


Chatzy is a free, private chat room that lets users create their own dedicated chat rooms, invite others by email and start chatting without any restrictions. Registration and downloading any special software is not required.

As a matter of information, Chatzy offers adult chat rooms as well, so be careful when using this chatting platform. Chatzy allows you to start a conversation with people you know or who visit your website. You must invite others to your chatting room once you have created it. If not, you will not be able to chat with others. Therefore, keep in mind that no one can join your chat unless you have first requested them to do so.

In Chatzy, you can chat in Quick Chats or Virtual Rooms. The rooms are both free. These options provide the user with a variety of choices. You’ll get limited functions in Quick Chat, but you’ll have more options in Virtual Rooms. The second option allows you to customize every aspect of the room as you wish.

#1 OMGChat

With OMGChat, visitors are able to chat with people all over the world using a free webcam support chatting platform.

Once you join OMGchat, you will be able to chat with thousands of people across the globe. People here come from a wide range of backgrounds, interests, and cultures. Besides voice chatting, video chatting is also available. With video chatting, you can talk to strangers and to people you know all the time. Dues, membership, and a webcam are not required.

Free webcam chat rooms and random strangers are two of the main functionalities of OMGChat. At the same time, you can watch four live webcams and go to multiple themed video chat rooms. You can find the people you like and start a private chat with them. Moreover, all of them are free. Set up your microphone and webcam and start exploring people who are waiting to chat with you worldwide.

#2 ChatSecure

A free messaging platform backed by OTR encryption over XMPP is known as ChatSecure. ChatSecure now offers users the option to connect their existing Google accounts as well. Additionally, they can create new accounts on their public XMPP servers, including Tor, or they can connect with their first server for extra security.

XMPP and OTR support is one of the best features of this chatting solution, as it helps solve all major chatting issues. The ChatSecure platform encrypts their conversations using open source cryptographic libraries. Although most chat platforms claim to provide high-level security, they do not consider the source code or end-to-end encryption, which is exactly what ChatSecure does.

There are many features to this platform, including XMPP with TLS certificate pinning, OTR for verifiable end-to-end forward secrecy, OMEMO for mobile-friendly alternatives to OTR, TOR support for bypassing firewalls, SQLCipher for encrypting conversation logs locally, and much more.

#3 ChatIW

ChatIW is a social networking application designed specifically for singles who are looking for new friends. It is a most advanced social networking website that gives you the maximum functionality to simplify contacts searches and real-time conversations to find your soul mate and build relationships quickly and easily.

It has millions of users worldwide, giving you the chance to meet singles from all over the globe. Its best feature is that it doesn’t require registration, so all you need to do is answer a few basic questions, such as a nickname, gender, and age. In order to chat with someone special, you must sign up with an email address and other required information. All of the features remain unrestricted once you have logged in. You can send and receive unlimited text messages, multimedia messages, and locations with this solution.

It is also possible to meet people nearby, making it more powerful and enjoyable. Additionally, ChatIW provides features such as anonymous chat, sending and receiving media files, multiple language support, sending private messages, easy-to-use interface, and is free for anyone to use. If you want to meet new friends, then you should try ChatIW.

#4 ShockRooms

You can communicate with others via webcam in shockrooms, a free webcam chat room provider. You can instantly start chatting with others after you check-in as a guest. This platform has thousands of users from all over the world. With ShockRooms, you don’t have to download anything.

In addition to text chat and video chat, ShockRooms offers its visitors a diverse range of facilities. As soon as you enter the site, you will find a number of chat rooms open to all.

The leading features and functions of ShockRooms are that you can create a new chat under a different name. Anonymity is guaranteed with ShockRooms. While chatting with others, it makes sure no one is watching you. Despite its few features, ShockRooms is a very useful tool.


Communication with other people is made easier with Unlike other channels of communication, does not require any server at all. Moreover, is a very secret and private way for visitors to communicate with one another that does not require registration or payment.’s unique features include self-destructing messages, as well as considerable levels of anonymity. Additionally, allows its users to communicate directly without the need for a server. Furthermore, it is a web browser-based chatting platform, so no software needs to be installed. When it comes to the security level of, then there is no need to store any logs on the server. features include direct means of communication, are not based on server logs, don’t require registration, do not require fees, are browser-based, do not require the installation of any software, use off-the-record messaging, use secure cryptography, are an open-source platform, and many more. OTTO is one of the best platforms for making secure chatting possible.

#6 Kandan

Kandan is a secure and open-source platform you can use to communicate with your loved ones. No additional software is required to use it. Kandan is a fast, safe and stable communications platform based on Rails, free and open-source code distributed under the AGPL license.

Almost all web browsers now support Kandan. Because it is a web client, you do not need to install anything. Create an account, open your favorite browser like Chrome, Firefox, or Safari, and start chatting with your colleagues, family members, or friends. Kandan is compatible with many devices, including appfog, Cloud Foundry, Amazon Web Services, and Heroku.

You will be able to share ideas, code, and files in real-time with the other team members through Kandan’s live team chat system. Chat rooms offered by Kandan are suitable for any type of chatting, no matter if it is individual-to-individual, team-to-team or department-to-department.

#7 Pidgin-Encryption

Piedgin-Encryption is a chatting platform that offers transparent encryption of all messages sent via the platform. Multiple conversations and chatting can be performed with RSA encryption, as it implements straightforward use.

During the installation of the Pidgin-Encryption plugin, a private and public key pair is created for the user. As well as transmitting the public key to other users, it supports all bit keys between 512 and 4096. Its other features include automatically saving the key for the authorized users, a simple interface, embedding the encryption system and key in the HTML so that if other users do not have the plugin, they will see a message about it as well. Pidgin-Encryption can be installed on Windows as well as the Mac version of Pidgin.

Besides being unique and exciting, Pidgin-Encryption is also modular and extensible. When you want to create your own set of encryption, then you are welcome to do so. Its modular plugins can be used to just wrap an encrypted binary over the instant messaging pipe. The plugins offer additional features.

#8 E-Chat

The website E-Chat offers a number of chat rooms where chat lovers can converse online. Nothing here is for sale, and you don’t have to pay a penny. Using our free chat room, you can talk to anyone without registering.

A major advantage of this platform is that you’ll be able to meet people who share the same interests as you. Even better, you can also make your own chat rooms. You don’t have to install any plugins in our chat rooms. Flash and Java are not required.

To start the chat, you only need to create an account. You have the option of creating a permanent account or using a guest account. You can choose either option at any time. E-Chat’s interface is straightforward, responsive, and contains limited options and functions.

#9 Zobe

You can chat and meet new strangers with Zobe, a simple but powerful chatting solution. According to Zobe, it is one of the most significant places on the internet to meet new people because it offers a wide range of functionalities and multiple options for the visitors.

You can kill your free time on this free platform. Just go to this website whenever you feel bored and you will be able to kick back and relax. This platform’s ultimate purpose is to offer the most innovative and fun chat experience over the web. In contrast to most chatting based websites, Zobe has its own unique karma system that automatically improves the traditional type of chat experience by developing social incentives and additional capabilities to increase the chatting experience for the real chat members and decrease trolls.

The simple and intuitive design of Zobe makes it a wonderful place to meet up with friends or just have a chat with random people about any topic, such as music, entertainment, politics, or anything else. The Zobe platform is for real people only, so it doesn’t care about the real world.

#10 ZChat

Almost all countries are supported on ZChat, which is a free chatting platform. A decent type of chat environment is offered by its clean interface. The best platform for natural and user-friendly online chatting is ZChat, which can be used on both mobile devices and desktop browsers.

There are a number of ways to communicate with ZChat, whether it’s chatting, flirting, or even arranging dates with girls and boys. ZChat lets you chat and interact in a funny way right at the platform. There are no unnecessary hurdles or formalities in the website’s interface. The first step in all the process is to create a free account.

There are people from all over the world who use this abuse-free and spam-free platform. As soon as you log in to ZChat for the first time, you will come across many opportunities to meet, date, and even flirt with people that you are interested in. ZChat is one of the best global chatting networks because it has an easy-to-use interface.

#11 Cyph

Cyph provides a secure and safe chatting environment for its users using a free chatting website. It is safe to make encrypted messages with others here without feeling threatened or scared by agencies or lone hackers.

While using Cyph for communication, there are no hard and fast rules. You and your friends are not required at all to download any software or go through any registration process. Just send the link of Cyph to your friends with whom you want to chat, and here the process of chatting begins. It delivers a high level and a broad range of cryptographic attacks and very strong client-side crypto as well.

With Cyph, you get secure encryption, video calling, and file transfers, no downloads at all, no registration needed, high level of anonymity backed up by the Tor security system, application integrity checking, and cross-platform support since it works on almost all platforms. This secure communication platform is designed to be work as extremely user-friendly for even those users who don’t have enough technical skills. You can use this platform for multiple functions; either it is video calling or transferring files with others.

#12 ChatCrypt

For creating encrypted chat rooms to make a chat with your loved ones, ChatCrypt is one of the best websites. Group chat rooms are also available. You will be given a username and password as soon as you create your dedicated chat room. The username and password you provide your friends on the other side must be used.

It should be noted that the chat room available at the platform of ChatCrypt is not listed anywhere else. Many internet users believe that ChatCrypt deploys a military-grade encryption during chat messages. Since the participants in the discussion have the same secret password, no one else will be able to read the messages. The messages of ChatCrypt’s visitors are not stored on servers like those of most chatting rooms. Before dispatching from the browsers, it encrypts the messages themselves.

#13 Bit Chat

Using an advanced level of security, Bit Chat is a P2P, secure, and open source instant messenger that offers end-to-end encryption for privacy. With its end-to-end encryption, it is a standalone messenger for both LAN and internet chats. Shortly, it is a messenger that offers its users end-to-end encryption.

All messaging and chatting platforms should provide security to all of their users. Those systems that generate metadata are not used at all. A secure section exists as well as a peer-to-peer section.

With Bit Chat, you can use ECDHE-256 or DHE-2048 to encrypt your communications end-to-end with perfect forward secrecy. 256-bit AES encryption is used for its protocol. Users can also inspect its implementation by looking at the open-source code. As with BitTorrent, Bit Chat is a peer-to-peer system that does not involve any servers at all. Bit Chat doesn’t store the metadata at all, and it even doesn’t know the person to whom you are chatting with.

#14 All4Masti

It’s all about entertainment and fun at All4Masti. A massive number of chat rooms are available on this platform, making it one of the largest over the internet. There are multiple chat rooms available for different countries including girls chat rooms, mobile chat rooms, and more.

Using the website, users can connect with people from all over the world in a conducive chatting environment. Users can send and receive unlimited messages for free without incurring any costs. Around the globe, there are many online chat platforms, and All4Masti is one of the most popular.

All4Masti is a platform where you can chat with many people for free without any payment or registration required. If you are looking for the chatting room in which you can make new friends, then we at this moment present you the All4Masti where you will be able to find best in class chatting rooms. All4Masti assures its users to provide quality chatting rooms. You can also do private chatting with your loved ones on All4Masti if you don’t want to chat with the public and want your conversation to be highly secure.


Using, users can collaborate and communicate with each other across different platforms. can be used publicly or privately. You can call it a free online platform where you can communicate with others.

With, users can communicate at an individual level or use it for group discussions and meetings. Team members will also be able to collaborate and work together seamlessly using this tool. The network of communication bridges available through is one of the largest in the world. The data and communications you send and receive will not be controlled by anyone.

As well as offering its users and teams with the latest crypto ratchet technology for a decentralized, secure Internet, provides them with the ability to run their own servers. is free, and offers source code for anyone to see and extend. It will allow team members to customize and contribute to the code, and everyone will benefit from the speed of community innovation.

#16 ChatStep

Online chatting is possible with ChatStep, both for individuals and groups. Users have two options with ChatStep: the first is to create their own chat group; the second is to join existing ones and begin chatting and collaborating with others. The unique aspect of ChatStep is that you do not need to create an account before using it. Upon entering the website, you can begin a conversation with anyone simply by inviting them first.

As well as friends and family members, this platform can be used. When you create the group, you can invite your friends or family members if they are on ChatStep and you can begin collaborating and chatting immediately. There is a limit of fifty people per group. You can also share files and images.


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