Sam Altman, the man behind ChatGPT, thinks AI won’t take over ALL of our jobs – and will lead to working at higher levels

Altman has an unsurprisingly optimistic view of human nature that will respond to the rise of AI, saying he doesn’t think people will “play video games all day long” while computers do their jobs. “If you give people better tools, they just operate at a higher level,” Altman told a crowd at the Startup Network … Read more

Anastasia Volkova and Canva Founders of Regrow Ag Named in Time’s 100 Most Influential Companies

What do Regrow Ag CEO and co-founder Anastasia Volkova and Skims founder Kim Kardashian have in common? Well, they’re both among the 20 industry leaders chosen by Time magazine for its list of the world’s 100 most influential companies. Regrow started in 2016, as part of Sydney University’s “Inventing the Future” innovation programme. Ukrainian-born founder … Read more

Kiwi carbon footprint fintech Cogo banks NZ$1 million

New Zealand carbon footprint management fintech Cogo, which partners with banks to help their clients measure and reduce their carbon impact, has raised NZ$1 million (A$910k) from existing impact investor Soul Capital. Souls NZ$20 million’Te Pae ki te Rangi’ Fund is aimed at helping Kiwi startups with their global expansion. Cogo currently operates in 12 … Read more

Insurer nib takes third bite of online scripts startup Midnight Health, promising $24 million for 77% stake

Midnight Health, an online prescription startup based in Brisbane, has raised $15 million in a Series B, with the ASX-listed insurer raising the money for the third time in 19 months to own more than three-quarters of the company. nib’s investment comes as regulators crack down on the industry, forcing medtech companies to switch from … Read more

Impact and generative AI offer great opportunities, but we also need to manage risks

In the last week of March 2023, the Future of Life Institute made headlines with its open letter, signed by some of the biggest names in technology, urging all artificial intelligence (AI) laboratories to “immediately begin training more powerful AI interrupt systems”. than GPT-4”. It cited the need to enable security research and policy to … Read more

A Kiwi scientist tries to figure out what it means to have an ‘entrepreneurial mindset’

The skills needed to thrive in an uncertain future are often thought to fall under the term ‘entrepreneurial mindset’, but New Zealand researcher Darsel Keane has found that there is little clarity about what an entrepreneurial mindset actually is. While the phrase has become increasingly popular in recent years, Keane, director of the Center for … Read more