Hello and welcome to a special edition of Equity!

Today, Alex sat down Brian Heatera regular australiabusinessblog.com resident, our hardware editor, podcast extraordinaire, and brilliant chap. He also hosted a really fun robotics-focused event that we’re hosting next week. The event is online and free, meaning anyone can come hang out (so you!)

The confab was also a great excuse to spend some time on Heater, and chat a bit about robotics, how the self-driving hardware stack is impacting more than just cars, and why we need AGI for robotics to, you know, become the thing we know from the Jetsons.

In short, robotics is improving rapidly, but we may continue to see more industrial than personal applications for a while. Yet there is still a lot of activity in the market, including employment policy, e-commerce applications and many other topics.

Enjoying! Equity is back on Monday morning, and if you want to hang out at the TC Sessions: Robotics 2022, you can sign up for free here. See you there!

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