Welcome to our regular feature on the important things to see and do for the ANZ startup community, brought to you by the director of the Spark FestivalMaxine Sherrin.

She chooses 3 things that are worth putting in the agenda for the coming week. If you want to know more, sign up for the Weekly sparksMaxine’s overview of everything going on in Australian technology and startups, out every Monday.

The thing that will really enlighten you this week is the coming Program Spark Festival 2022.

October is almost here and it’s getting busy! If building a thriving startup or business is your thing, Spark has over 100 events in locations across Australia and online. It is large. So here are just 4 events to give you a taste of what you’ll find if you have a moment to dive in:

What’s happening this week?

SaaS Start-up Growth Insights from Salesforce – Key Leverages to Accelerate Your Success

Thu 29 Sep, 12:00 p.m.

Fishburners, Sydney

Spend any time in Australia’s Startup Land and you’ll soon see that B2B and SaaS are where a lot of excitement (and investment) happens.

From an idea developed in 1999 to the #1 CRM in the world by 2022, Salesforce and its partner ecosystem AppExchange exemplify growth, trust and success, with many lessons learned and best practices to share.

Learn how to perform the actions that high-growth SaaS startups consistently perform.

Startup&Angels | Startups pitch & investor panel

Thu 29 Sep, 5 p.m.

Tank Stream Labs, Sydney

It’s been more time than we all want to remember since there’s been a personal Startup&Angels event in Sydney. But they are back!

Drop by to connect with startup founders, angel investors, tech startup ecosystem players and journalists, all brought together by Australiance.


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