BotGhost Alternatives


An internet user can create bots for free with BotGhost, a web application that requires no coding. Among its hundreds of commands, the platform enables users to give bots a variety of tasks, including managing social media, notifications, and music libraries, or acting as translators and server moderators.

You can also add news commands to your bots in the command section. You can enable and disable certain commands at any time to keep up with change circumstances. You can use these bots to automatically notify your social media subscribers or people on your server. At any time, users can customize these messages to suit their needs. You can even use it to display the gaming statistics of your favourite games such as Fortnite and Apex Legends. Personal profile, email registration, QR scan, graphical user interface, and an economic system are some of its core features.

#1 Scratch For Discord

You can create chatbots with Scratch For Discord without having to know any programming. This is simply done by selecting the different color boxes on the left side of the web page and then entering text into the spaces provided. You can use these boxes to tailor your chatbot to respond to different situations such as logical scenarios, questions, specific keywords, and calculations, among other things.

It is even possible to import files from your computer while you are doing this. It can be used to send welcome messages to new members on the servers, to respond to business clients, and to announce things on social media. It also offers a Simple interface, drag and drop feature, custom support, user help, bot hosting, file naming, download option, undo/redo buttons, editing option, JavaScript Export, and multiple languages option.

#2 Kreatebot

Createbot is an application that allows users to create chatbots on their mobile devices without coding. Among other things, these bots can be used to set default greeting texts, replies, and welcoming messages as well as for creating social media menus and managing subscribers. To set any of this, you just have to open the relevant icon, type, and submit your desired text in the text box.

It will now respond to the relevant situation with the same text you provided. Images, videos, and audio files can be attached to these replies as well. You can enable or disable these bots at your discretion. Personal accounts, social media account sync, notifications, sharing options, a cohesive dashboard, scheduled posting, viewing of posting history, and customizable options are some prominent features.

#3 BotHook

ChatbotHook is an online service that allows its clients to build chatbots to manage conversations with their customers. You can reach out to them by creating a profile first. The platform assigns you a developer who tries to understand your requirements and makes suggestions. A prototype of the product is created by the developer and client together. This prototype is tested numerous times before the final product is created. Customers can still book the company’s services to manage and improve their chatbots after the final product has been delivered. One of its most attractive features is its diagnostic tools.

#4 Discord Bot Studio

Bot Studio is a program that allows you to create bots without coding that can automate tasks such as giving text commands, welcoming messages on the server, etc. A flowchart editor modal makes the software easy to use because it has an intuitive graphical interface. You can drag and drop tasks to arrange and rearrange them.

New commands can be assigned to bots, and any bot can be activated or deactivated according to circumstances. Your bots can even be modified by third parties for improved functionality. Among its noteworthy features are community forums, preview support, dice roll command, share option, bot code download, and rule configuration.

#5 [ROOT] Bot Maker

The [ROOT] Bot Maker for Android automates repetitive manual tasks by assigning them to bots. Your bots can be assigned different tasks and you can add as many as you like. Among other things, they can automate gaming tasks and change sleeping schedules. It is possible to arrange these operations in different sequences and to edit them at any time. It is simply a matter of pressing and holding the operation, selecting ‘edit’, and changing the values as needed.

It is possible to clone or delete these operations at any time. In addition, if any floating keys appear on the screen, you can choose whether to place them at the top, bottom, left, or right. In addition, the notification option is available as well. It will also accept input via touch, swipe, keypress, or text. Among its main features are a Simple User interface, shell script export, coordinates display, share, import file option, and widget support.

#6 PenguinBots

PenguinBots is a free service that hosts discord bots. Moreover, you are given a free bot from the platform when you join, which can be downloaded and used whenever you like. While there is also a premium package that includes features such as faster speed and more bots that can be hosted at once, among other things. Pterodactyl Panel, used to manage the server, allows the user to upload files and activate or deactivate bots easily. Some additional features include personal account, password security, Email registration, Simple user design, and graphical interface.


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