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Black Summoner Anime Release Date Summer 2022, Cast Revealed By Trailer

black caller
A scene from the Black Summoner trailer. Photo credit: Studio Satélight

The Black Summoner release date has been confirmed for July 2022. The main cast consists of Kouki Uchiyama as Kelvin, Manaka Iwami as Efil, Reina Ueda as Melfina, Randhi as Clotho, Yousuke Akimoto as Geral and Minori Suzuki as Sera.

Satelight will be the animation studio with Yoshimasa Hiraike as the director, Miwa Ooshima will do the character designs, Satoshi Motoyama as the sound director and MICHIRU and Yuri Miyazono as the music composers.

We only have a few trailers and two tweets with solid confirmation, but the hype has been building since February 17, 2022. It looks like the anime will pay attention to the action scenes.

And at the same time make room for the romantic side. If you like Black Clover and Sword Art Online, then this is an anime not to be missed.

This summer will be a festival of isekai animeand I can’t wait to discover it all these worlds

black caller
Black Summoner’s first promotional video. Photo credit: Satellite

What do we know about the Black Summoner anime?

Yume Miyamoto will be the voice of Rion (a reincarnated adventurer) and Konomi Inagaki will be Ange (guide of the adventurers’ guild). Although Ange and Rion are not in the trailer, fans can still meet Ange in Episode 1.

The plot is about a young man who wakes up in an unknown place. With only general knowledge that he was born in Japan and decides that the field he is in is not on Earth.

Things start to improve when he finds a transparent screen that welcomes him to his new world. A voice then moves on to explain the situation to him.

His name is Kelvin and he chose to give up his memories to acquire the skills he wanted. The light novel and the manga have different versions of how this started.

In the manga, Melfina tells Kelvin that he won a lottery. Initially, the light novel says it was chosen through a rigorous and thorough process.

But Menu-San/Melfina later says that a god killed him and asked her to bring Kelvin back to life. Melfina is the goddess of reincarnation and transmigration. She’s also Kelvin’s first follower, but he can’t summon her at his current level.

We learn a lot from Melfina. First, she tells Kelvin that she is his follower because he has confessed his love to her and does not need his memories.

He knew he would fall in love with her again. Of course, this makes Kelvin itch, but he chooses to put that aside and focus on other things. Such as registering as an adventurer, completing his first mission, testing his abilities, entering into his first contract and finding a place to stay overnight.

What else does Black Summoner have to offer?

The magic looks fantastic in the trailer! Kelvin is OP because he has two S-Rank abilities. Call and appraisal. Kelvin does have more skills, but Green Magic is rank F, while double growth rate, double skill points and shared experience are not rank.

Kelvin takes things calmly, but he also wonders what his former self was thinking when he agreed. I think there will be more to this later in the series.

Since Kelvin only has Melfina’s word to rely on. In chapter 1 her word has been good. She advises Kelvin and answers his questions.

The gameplay aspects match what Kelvin remembers, but is he a reliable source of information? Will this be an outright game of a guy who gets sent to a new world, becomes a hero and gets the girl(s)?

Or will we find out that Kelvin is not what he seems to be? Is that his real name? Nickname/Gamer Handle? Did he choose it or someone else?

Anyway, I plan on doing some binge reading. This will be easy as the light novel is available in English until Black Summoner Volume 8, and Volume 9 will be released on June 24, 2022. In Japanese, Volume 16 was released on February 25, 2022.

The manga is not far behind, with 6 volumes available in English as of May 11, 2022. The 12th volume of manga was released in Japan on February 25, 2022.

Gin Ammo is the manga illustrator and as of May 2021, more than 1 million copies of the series have been sold.


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