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Bigjpg Alternatives


With Bigjpg, users can enlarge images without compromising their quality. Images are intelligently reduced in noise and serration using deep convolutional neural networks. With its unique algorithm for images and colors, it provides an excellent enlarging effect. In addition to anime illustrations and images, the platform allows for the enlargement of regular photos.

Up to 10 MB can be uploaded at a time. When it begins processing the image, the platform displays the remaining time to the user. In addition to offering paid services, the platform allows users to upload and enlarge images in bulk. Additionally, all image links are encrypted and can only be seen if they are shared.

#1 Image Upscaler

It uses artificial intelligence to perform such functions, such as upscale an image without losing quality. Image Upscaler is an online image enhancement platform. It can be used for social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and managers, scientists, etc. The platform works in a simple way, namely by drawing lacking pixels instead of the larger ones.

The platform scans a user’s uploaded photo and then draws the rest of the pixels. The image can also be resized by four times and up to 5 MB using the Image Upscaler. It supports three formats, namely JPG, PNG, and JPEG. An image can be converted in ten to sixty seconds on the platform, and users can download the converted images for free.

#2 Let’s Enhance

Let’s Enhance is a platform that improves the quality of images without sacrificing their resolutions. The platform allows users to upscale an image up to sixteen times and is fully automated. A face-recognition feature is also included, which allows for better and more accurate face reconstruction, even after the enhancement.

From photobooks to wide format printing, the platform offers the best results. The crisp and clear images also enable customers to see all the details of the product. Using it increases interest and boosts sales by providing high-resolution and quality photos.

A great advantage of the photos produced from this platform is that they can be printed at any scale without affecting the quality. Further, the images can be resized for better performance on specific devices, resulting in higher conversions.

#3 AI Enlarge

With AI Enlarge, users can upscale images while maintaining their quality or convert low-resolution images to high-resolution images. With artificial intelligence technology, it is possible for users to get the sharpest image with extra details after resolution.

Utilizing deep neural networks, the software fills up the pixels when the photo is enlarged. A million images have been trained on the platform AI technology to give it the ability to make accurate predictions and upscale images more effectively.

The picture can be enlarged by four hundred percent while still retaining all the details for the user. Users can convert low-resolution photos into high-resolution ones using AI Enlarge for printing purposes as this platform fills up the pixels when the resolution increases. AI Enlarge is only available in the paid version.

#4 iResize

The iResize software allows users to resize, compress, and save images in various formats. Despite the platform’s simple user interface, users do not need any previous experience to use it. The application offers two ways to upload images; users can either upload a file or drag and drop images.

In addition to separate image processing, batch processing is also available to save users’ time. Users can select the new dimensions they want and proceed with the conversion task after viewing the source path and all dimensions associated with the uploaded photo.

In addition to resizing, users can flip or change the position of images, as well as preview them before downloading them. Lastly, the platform allows the user to change the format of the picture at any time, while maintaining the quality of the picture during conversion.

#5 A Sharper Scaling

It is a platform that allows users to upscale their images using its high-quality image scaling technology. Installing and launching the software takes just minutes, and no special requirements are needed.

User interface and layout of the software are clean and easy to understand, and users do not have to get involved with too many controls. Users can also easily upload and enlarge images. The user can choose a scaling and size target as soon as the image is uploaded.

A Sharper Scaling can also be used for rotation and perspective correction of images in addition to scaling. It supports three formats, namely JPEG, TIFF, and PNG, and additionally comes with a scaling factor between 50 percent and 400 percent. Finally, its download includes a command-line tool for bulk processing.

#6 Upscalepics

Users of Upscalepics can enhance their images through artificial intelligence. By using the platform’s artificial intelligence capability, users can upload or drop a low-resolution photo into the upload section. A high-resolution image is created by adding extra information to a low-resolution image while accurately matching it.

As well as improving the texture of the image, the platform also changes the tone, making it look like a professional. Moreover, it uses an advanced neural network that automatically detects and removes JPEG compression.

#7 PhotoZoom Pro

A platform called PhotoZoom Pro enlarges images by a million pixels and produces higher-quality images. While maintaining quality, the platform can even enlarge noisy and compressed original photos. As photos are enlarged, distortions appear in them, but with the right tools, these distortions can be eliminated.

The platform contains numerous tools to resize an image, as well as the ability to set a resizing profile that contains only the tools that a user wants to use. Users can perform the tools and actions they use most often by selecting a specific category, and then perform those actions in just one click.

Using PhotoZoom Pro, you can resize images in bulk using its batch processing, and its improved GPU acceleration will result in a faster processing time. High-quality photos can be printed on the platform as well as viewed on screen. There is also a paid version available.

#8 Topaz Gigapixel AI

Topaz Gigapixel AI is an upscale platform for editing images by artificial intelligence that allows you to enlarge photos without losing detail, and to upscale them by up to six hundred percent. Its users can get sharp prints, high-resolution cropping during post-production, and it helps them take the best pictures. Unique face refinement and intelligent scaling ensure crisp, precise results with unparalleled quality.

Even the tiniest faces in a picture can be captured and refined by the platform’s face refinement feature. It is used for a variety of purposes, including restoring low-resolution photos and upscaling compressed images. In upscaled images, the platform recovers the real detail of all photos to provide actual sharpness. Moreover, it automatically determines which features of the image detail and which are noise, and changes it accordingly. Lastly, it offers a free trial and a paid version.

#9 Waifu2x Caffe

Using Waifu2x Caffe, users can convert the resolution of their images and videos. With this program, you can enlarge your pictures without losing any quality. The platform enables users to increase the size of their images by ten times without affecting their pixels.

In addition, it allows users to batch process pictures and videos in bulk; users can also change the size of animated GIFs, videos, and images. A shared server is used by the free platform, while a dedicated server is used by the pro version.

The users of Waifu2x Caffe can select the level of noise reduction from low to high and can also compress the images from zero to a level they require. Last but not least, users can place files on the platform using drag and drop functionality.

#10 Fotophire Maximizer

It is an image enlargement platform that allows users to enlarge photos by one thousand percent without compromising on quality. A leading algorithm on the platform allows users to maintain high resolution while upscaling photos.

Through this platform, users can enlarge photos for all kinds of purposes, such as banners and posters or even wall paintings while maintaining the quality of the pixels. With this platform, users can also take close-up photos since it provides a high-resolution zoom option.

In order to improve its quality, Fotophire Maximizer enables users to eliminate graininess or noise caused by low light. Last but not least, the platform offers users the choice of eight different zoom settings, along with color correction options.


ESRGAN upscales images using artificial intelligence technology to enhance the size and quality of the image without changing its pixels. To perform the upscaling process, the platform uses pre-defined models.

The upscaling depends entirely on how close the predefined model is to the desired input or output. By using large image sets and large computing power, users are also able to train their own models to upscale video game graphics of any kind.

It allows users to edit photos and fills in the empty pixels. Esrgan allows users to combine the results of two models to create a third model. Furthermore, it does not restrict users to a single size and adjusts their images according to it, but users can customize their models as much as they wish.

#12 AI Img Enlarger

By utilizing the platform’s powerful machine learning and AI technology, AI Img Enlarger enables users to enlarge images without losing their quality. A user can upload an image of up to 5MB, select how many times they want the photo enlarged, and drop the image on the platform.

Its artificial intelligence technology effortlessly enlarges low-resolution images and removes the background of the images. Only PNG and JPG formats are supported. The enlarged and upscaled image can be downloaded by users after conversion. AI Img Enlarger provides fuzzy-free images, as well as adding extra details to photos through its deep learning algorithm. Users can use the platform for free, and no images are saved for their safety.

#13 Waifu2x

The Waifu2x platform uses Nvidia’s CUDA platform to allow the users to upscale images. To use this feature, users need only add either a picture from their computer or a URL to get a picture from the web. Afterward, they can select the style they want, such as artwork or photos, and select the level of noise reduction, from low to medium to high.

There is also the option to upscale the image by 1.6x or 2x, which is also provided by the platform. A user can choose any of these options or none at all. After users hit convert, their converted upscaled images can be downloaded easily for use. User preferences allow them to change the default PNG format of all images. Additionally, the platform is open-source, so any developer can contribute to its improvement.

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