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Berify Alternatives


Through reverse image search across the internet, Berify allows you to find stolen videos and images. It uses image matching algorithm technology to search over eight hundred million images on the internet as well as images from all the major image search engines. Simply drop or upload an image in the search bar to start an image search. It does not use standard Google search to find images, rather it uses its own search engines to locate the images.

Your photo is uploaded to multiple platforms such as RSS feeds, site maps, website links, and sites containing user names such as Dropbox, Flickr, Twitter, Linkedin, etc. The platform searches for stolen videos based on video thumbnails, which is unique, and no other search offers this capability. It is very easy to create an account on this platform, and you can get started in just a few minutes.

#1 PimEyes

By uploading a picture of yourself, PimEyes allows you to recognize your face that appears anywhere online. A picture of you will appear on PimEyes when you upload it. The application uses face recognition to perform reverse image searches. You can look up images online to see where they appear. It’s a search engine for photos and faces. Copyright issues associated with any user can be checked using this tool. Taking legal action against violators who use your picture anywhere online is the best way to protect your privacy on the web.

#2 Pictriev

You can search on the internet for celebrities who look like you with Pictriev, a face recognition app. A photo’s quality and resolution will determine the results of the application. To achieve the best results, you must upload a perfect front-side photo with a gap between the eyes greater than 80 pixels. File sizes of no more than 200kb are acceptable for images in the JPG format. By analyzing your face features, the application compares your photo with the best celebrity match in the world.

#3 Betaface

Face-recognition application Betaface provides computer-powered rich media indexing services and facial recognition solutions. The automatic and metadata extraction is based on patented unique algorithms that outperform other methods. Advanced face recognition can be used independently or in combination with object speech and text recognition to deliver unmatched accuracy, speed, and scale in search results for images and videos.

As more videos, photos, and other forms of media find their way onto the Internet, its machine learning technology and computer vision will enable a new method of content detection that is unrelated to the current model based on human interaction with tags, descriptions, and image classification. Measurements are made to determine gender, age, hair color, skin color, hairstyle, glasses, facial hair, and analyze the shape of facial features to extract additional biometric metadata. In addition, it also performs basic recognition and analysis processes.

#4 Google Goggles

Google Goggles is a web-based meta-search engine that redirects watchwords for camera displays. Simply put, it’s a form of visual inquiry. Let Google’s algorithms do the conceptualizing for you after taking a photo. To be a valuable visual search tool, Google inevitably needs to make the application widely accessible.

Although Goggles is still being developed (something on which Google is focused), recognizing a broad range of things by merely observing them is an exceptional test. For the present, Google stresses that Goggles works its enchantment best on notorious sights; for example, historic points, book covers, scanner tags, wine bottle names, corporate logos, and craftsmanship.

The organization is working to improve the accuracy of Goggles, however. Continue reading to learn more about how Goggles might help you see – and see – your reality differently. It’s a little easier than entering content, especially if you’re everywhere.

#5 CamFind

CamFind is a mobile visual search engine that lets you easily find anything from your mobile device and enhances your understanding of your surroundings. With this tool, you can take a picture of any nearby object and it will identify what it is using versatile visual inquiry technology. No details are required to get quick, accurate results. The same level of innovation is utilized to bring your imaginations to life with the CloudSight picture recognition API.

You can also find detailed information about any movie or motion picture using this app. Take a picture of the movie and find out everything you need to know about it, including where it will be released next. Furthermore, if you see a live stream and wish to know more about it, take a picture. The complete details will be displayed after few seconds, including the speaker and share link.

#6 RevIMG

RevIMG is a classic reverse image web search engine that helps you find pictures from content. By using this tool, you can combine PC vision, picture preparation, and examination. By using this tool, you can perform a real picture investigation quickly and get the best results. Using this tool fits any requirement.

Add up your own picture accumulations through its Dashboard and pursuit it with the API. With RevIMG, you can rapidly hunt down any picture over a huge database of reference pictures. Even if you need to do a reverse image search for multiple files, this is the tool you should look for. Besides, you need not worry about the result accuracy because it has served huge firms and organizations with precise results.

#7 GazoPa

Gazopa is an internet search engine that compares pictures based on highlights from a picture. A user can send a photo, enter a URL of a picture, draw on a picture, or right-tap on a picture anywhere on the web (through a module), and it will locate similar pictures. To find similar recordings, you only need a thumbnail of a video. Results are predominantly sorted out based on the shading and state of the question or individual. When you upload a photo of a red auto, for instance, it will search the web for pictures of comparable cars without you having to type a keyword.

If you hover your mouse over a particular picture, it will display its size, points of interest, and a URL that will take you to the Flickr Photos page. There is also a new news tab where clients can find images related to the most recent news. Photos can be sorted by time (transferred within a month, a year, etc. ), shape, and size.

#8 Picitup

Picitup is a visual web crawler that crawls images not just by labels, but also by properties and dimensions. In addition to eBay.com, Art.com, and Shopping.com, this tool serves the world’s top-level trade platforms. This tool enables buyers to find what they are looking for instead of what is not displayed on the display pictures.

One of the features of this platform is PicCommerce’s visual shopping suite, which uses an advanced picture recognition system to address the recognized visual shopping scenarios. You can add Picitup’s feature to your own online store in a few minutes and without any coding. You can expect to see a 10% to 20% increase in sales thanks to Picitup.

#9 KartOO

Meta search engines such as KartOO rank among the best. Using proprietary algorithms, this Meta search engine compiles a comprehensive list of websites and sorts them according to relevance. This search engine lets the users find the most appropriate websites for a given query without any further delay. Its semi-automated validation process produces the outstanding quality and relevancy of KartOO’s results page.

Thanks to its developers, which check the quality of each website listed in its index, users can get the most accurate results. As a result, the relevancy between the query and the results page is unmatched. On KartOO, you’ll find global weather forecasts, TV shows, horoscopes, and online games that are all free and accessible worldwide.

#10 Yebol

With Yebol, you can create a homepage using top site features. Videos, images, tweets, news, websites, and most importantly related searches are available on this platform. A knowledge-based platform that ranks all the user searches according to their content.

The platform is artificially intelligent and doesn’t require any user input. There is no doubt that if you see a website in the top searches, the vast majority of people from this engine have visited that particular site. This platform’s homepage is its best feature because it provides you with all the information you need.

#11 Dooblet

Doublet is a type of search engine that provides you with alternative options on almost any subject or product. Here you can find a complete list of better alternatives for anything you have and are not entirely satisfied with, or want something better than.

It does not matter if you need an alternative for some word or some vehicle because it has an efficient AI working at its back end to build a list of the expected alternatives instantly. Currently, it’s a new platform, so you might not find anything, but it’s okay because its database is updated frequently. It may be possible to find something later if you have found it today.

#12 SauceNAO

A reverse image search is available through SauceNAO for your uploaded images. With its friendly interface and numerous menu options, everything you need to know about the platform is right there on the website. It has a lot of modules and functions that work well, and its black interface gives a focused appeal.

The images can be selected from your desktop and uploaded to the platform. With this, you can download standard pictures from forums and other websites. Xamayon Inc. developed the program. Since its inception, the site has been constantly updated and upgraded in a variety of ways so that it provides a user-friendly interface.

SpiceNAO is free to use and offers a variety of facilities regarding its sources, as well as a social network to stay connected with the platform’s news and updates. Many of its tools let you search for images and download them, as well as provide information on the platform’s functionality.

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