Amazon’s server outage breaks fast food apps like McDonald’s and Taco Bell

A configuration failure of the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud server affects a number of Internet services, including our website. The AWS Health dashboard notes multiple service degradation issues in the US-East-1 region that began around 3 p.m. ET.

Amazon’s most recent update posted at 5pm ET reads: “Many AWS services are now fully restored and marked Resolved for this event. We will continue to work to fully restore all services.”

Malfunction notifications for mobile apps from McDonald’s, Burger King and Taco Bell.
Image: Richard Lawler

Our very own Mitchell Clark alerted us to the outage while hiking the Pacific Crest Trail because it appears Burger King’s mobile app is broken. A look at Down detector shows that people have also reported issues with McDonald’s and Delta Air Lines that may be related, and that the Taco Bell app is also broken.

IT employees Reddit And Hacker news report that they are unable to access consoles to attempt to resolve the issues they are experiencing.

For The edgethe issues mean that the front page of the site is not updating automatically, and while we have a fix for that, some other areas of the site may not be updating for now.

Update June 13, 5:12 PM ET: Latest update from AWS and added video explaining how much of the internet is hosted.