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Ace, Eugeo, L, and more

Ken Kaneki carrying the body of his dead friend Hideyoshi Nagachika.
Ken Kaneki carrying the body of his dead friend Hideyoshi Nagachika. Pic credit: Studio Pierrot

Spoiler Alert Warning for the following animes: To Your Eternity, JoJo’s Bizarre Adventures, Tokyo Ghoul, Sword Art Online, Death Note, and One Piece.

Ever watch an anime only to have your favorite character die and you wished there was a way to resurrect them? Then this list is for you!

Gugu was Fushi’s sworn brother and fought the Nokkers and anti-Fushi faction members many times in an effort to create the peaceful world that the immortal desires, which is why fans like him so much. Everyone needs a loyal, trustworthy friend like Gugu.

Fushi, Gugu and Rean relaxing together on the grass.
Fushi, Gugu, and Rean relaxing on the grass together. Pic credit: @Aya

The battle where Gugu dies is a doozy and left many fans heartbroken. During this battle, Gugu and Rean are talking on a balcony. Rean questions Gugu about the injury he hides beneath his mask and begins to realize that Gugu is the one who saved her long ago. Rean is about to confess her feelings for Gugu (which makes this moment even more tragic) when the balcony beneath them crumbles.

Due to the Nokker spreading its roots throughout the nearby building it begins to collapse despite Fushi’s efforts to keep the building intact. At this time, Gugu is hanging from a root on a cliff when he is rescued by a group of people. Thinking that Fushi is inside the crumbling building he runs inside and encounters Rean’s parents instead.

Gugu manages to carry Rean’s parents to safety before the entrance collapses (can we say best son-in-law?). Gugu decides to go back inside of the building in search of Fushi even though Rean tries to stop him. Gugu finds Fushi, pulls him out of some rubble, (can we say best bro ever?) and is immediately forced to engage the Nokker in battle. When Gugu’s fire attacks are useless against the Nokker’s stone armor and Gugu is forced to pry some of the armor aside so that he can burn its flesh.

The Nokker’s core flees by shooting a tendril through the wall. Fushi cuts the tendril but the battle isn’t over. The Nokker’s arm in the form of an Oniguma reaches through the wall and crushes Fushi. The Nokker’s arm then heads towards Gugu but Rean pushes him out of the way. Gugu and Rean try to run away together, but it’s too late and the building collapses on top of them.

Rean being protected by Gugu.
Read being protected by Gugu and realizing he was her savior. Pic Credit: Studio Brain’s Base

While Fushi is fighting on top of the rubble, Gugu uses all his strength in an effort to keep the stones from crushing Rean’s body. (This is the second time his body is crushed while protecting Rean). Gugu can feel that he is dying and confesses his love for Rean. When she opens his mask, blood pours out, and they share one last kiss before Gugu dies.

Gugu and Rean share a final kiss.
Gugu and Rean share a final kiss. Pic credit: Studio Brain’s Base.

With a tragic death like that it’s no wonder that fans want to bring Gugu back to life so that he can be with the woman he loves and his best friend who needs him. A possible way to have Gugu brought back to life would be if the Nokker that had apparently escaped decided to possess Gugu’s body and healed it. After that, Fushi would have to eventually battle against Gugu and somehow separate the Nokker from Gugu’s body.

9. Hideyoshi Nagachika – Tokyo Ghoul

Hideyoshi was Ken’s best friend and no one wanted to see him die. During the season finale, Ken Kaneki is reunited with his best friend Hideyoshi but discovers that Hide is suffering from a lethal injury. Hide’s final words are about how he joined the CCG with the purpose of finding out the truth about Kaneki and he expresses that even if it turned out Kaneki was a ghoul (flesh-eating monster) he wouldn’t be afraid of him.

Everyone needs a friend that will accept you even if they find out you eat people!

Ken and Hide hanging out together.
Ken and Hide chillin’ together. Pic credit: @artbooksNAT

Kaneki then picked up his friend’s lifeless body and delivered it to the CCG that was waiting outside the building.

8. Ken Kaneki – Tokyo Ghoul

Ken Kaneki was a very tortured soul and fans were rooting for him throughout the series, which is what made his death so tragic. After giving the body of his best friend to the CCG Kaneki faces off against Arima and dies in that epic battle.

For anime fans who have only watched Tokyo Ghoul and have not watched Tokyo Ghoul:re or read the manga Ken and Hide are both dead. However, Anime fans can rejoice in knowing that both of them miraculously managed to survive!

Hideyoshi recovered from his injuries and joined the CCG as the mysterious ‘Scarecrow’ and finally reveals his true identity to Kaneki (Ken lost his memory and adopted a new identity as Haise Sasaki) during Tokyo Goul:re.

7. Caesar Anthonio Zeppeli – JoJo’s Bizarre Adventures

Caesar was the grandson of Will Anthonio Zeppeli, an Italian Ripple user, and disciple of Lisa Lisa. He battled the Pillar Men alongside his allies and teachers to honor his heritage as a Zeppeli.

During the pursuit of Kars, Caesar went ahead of Joseph after they had an argument about waiting to attack their enemy. Messina decided to go after Caesar and the two of them are ambushed by Wamuu. Caesar almost manages to kill Wamuu but when he closes in for his final attack Wamuu uses Caesar’s shadow to hide from the sunlight and is able to deal a death blow to Caesar using Divine Sandstorm attack.

Even though Caesar was in a weakened state due to blood loss and unable to generate any more Ripple for attacks, he was able to gather enough of his strength to rip Wamuu’s lip piercing (which held the antidote for Joseph’s remaining wedding ring) off. Caesar fell down a set of stairs and a pool of blood formed around him. He created a Ripple bubble made of his blood in order to encase the lip ring and his headband inside of it for Joseph to find later. Joseph arrived on the scene just in time to see his friend Caesar crushed by a huge cross-shaped rock.

Caesar and Joseph didn’t get along at first but through training together they became close friends and allies. When Joseph realized Caesar was beyond saving, he broke down while yelling his friend’s name in agony.

Joseph immediately sought revenge against the Pillar Men for Caesar’s defeat and before his final battle with Wamuu he asks Caesar to give him strength and puts on Caesar’s headband. During the fight’s climax, Joseph set the headband on fire and screamed for his friend’s aid one last time before managing to emerge victoriously.

Caesar Anthonio Zeppeli depicted as a vampire.
Caesar Anthonio Zeppeli as depicted as a vampire. Pic credit: @Niku-Niku

6. Noriaki Kakyoin – JoJo’s Bizarre Adventures

Kakyoin was an ally in Stardust Crusaders and a Japanese student who was brainwashed by DIO during a trip to Egypt. He was sent to kill Jotaro Kujo but after he was freed from DIO’s influence decided to team up with Jotaro on his quest to save Jotaro’s mother (it was so cute how Kakyoin had a crush on Jotaro’s single mom!).

When Kakyoin later confronted DIO he used his Stand ability to trap him in a field of tentacles. Kakyoin thought that he was safely outside the range of DIO’s stand and that his tentacles would be able to detect and counter any attacks sent his way. However, DIO’s Stand The World’s ability was to stop time. DIO froze Kakyoin in this manner and mercilessly punched a hole through his stomach(this was very hard for fans to watch!).

Right before dying, Kakyoin is able to warn Joseph about the nature of DIO’s ability by using his powers on a nearby watchtower. In a later scene, Jotaro stared at a picture of his friends and lamented their loss.

It comes as no surprise that fans wish they could bring Caesar and/or Kakyoin back to life. They were the best bros a guy could ask for. The world that JoJo’s Bizarre Adventures takes place in has vampires and individuals with ‘Stands’ that give their users various abilities. Perhaps, Caesar and Kakyoin could come back as vampires? Or someone with a unique stand ability could bring Caesar or Kakyoin back to life? Time travel perhaps?

Kakyoin depicted as a vampire.
Kakyoin is depicted here as a vampire with friend Jotaro and Jolyne resembling the ‘happy family’ from Interview with a Vampire. Pic credit: @Marcy Watkins

Eugeo becomes Kirito’s best friend in the virtual reality world called the Underworld. They embark on a journey together to become Integrity Knights and to rescue Alice. What made Eugeo so likable and unique was the fact that he is Kirito’s first real male friend. Sure, Kirito was friends with Klein, but they weren’t as close as Kirito and Eugeo, who became like brothers.

During the final battle against Quinella, the Supreme Priest of the Church, Eugeo went to the dying Cardinal and convinced her to give him the power he needed to fight the sword golem. Cardinal expended the last of her energy to fuse Eugeo, the Blue Rose Sword (that sword is awesome!), and Alice’s lost memory fragment into a giant sentient sword.

Eugeo and Kirito fighting side by side.
Eugeo and Kirito fighting side by side. Pic credit: @AsukijisDesign (Asukiji.deviantart.com)

Although Eugeo was able to defeat the golem he grew overconfident and tried to kill Quinella next. During the battle, Eugeo managed to destroy Quinella’s weapon and severed her entire right arm, but the giant sword he’d become was split in two.

Kirito was horrified when he saw the sword morph into the form of his best friend who’d been cut in half despite the fact that Kirito had warned Eugeo earlier not to be reckless. Eugeo transferred his fluctlight into his broken sword, which transformed into the Red Rose Sword.

Kirito used the Red Rose Sword along with his black sword to finally kill Quinella (Quinella finally dying was very satisfying for fans). A heartbroken Kirito cradled Eugeo in his arms as he was slowly dying and finally recalled his memories of Eugeo and Alice during his first dive into the Underworld. Eugeo and Kirito share one final conversation before he dies.

In a strange data realm, Eugeo met the personified Alice Zuberg of the extracted memories. Eugeo realized that he and this Alice are about to be deleted and both of them give their blessings to Kirito and Alice Synthesis Thirty, hold hands, and await deletion.

4.  Yuuki – Sword Art Online

Yuuki was a player in ALO (Alfheim Online) who got famous by dueling people in the virtual world and promising them a 11-hit Original Sword Skill if they managed to defeat her. Since no one was able to defeat her she gained the nickname ‘Absolute Sword’. Asuna confidently decided to fight her but lost.

Due to Asuna reminding Yuuki of her dead sister Aiko Konno, she decided to ask Asuna’s help in defeating the 27th Floor Boss with her guild – the Sleeping Knights. The Sleeping Knights wanted to have their names etched onto the Monument of Swordsmen.

With Asuna’s help, Yuuki and her guild are able to defeat the boss but it’s revealed that Yuuki and the other members of his guild are all terminal patients, and that was the reason why they wanted their names to be on the monument so badly. The patients were all testing a ‘Medicuboid device’ designed by Rinko Koukiro.

Right before Yuuki tragically dies she entrusted her special sword skill called Mother’s Rosario to Asuna. At the time of her death, Yuuki’s mind was plugged into the virtual world so that she could say goodbye to all of her friends in the game.

Asuna and Yuuki from Sword Art Online.
Asuna and Yuuki from Sword Art Online. Pic credit: @azizkeybackspace.deviantart.com

Sword Art Online fans mourned the loss of Kirito’s only male friend and Asuna’s new friend and want to bring them back. Theoretically, both Eugeo and that Alice were deleted…but as we all know deleted files are never really gone. Perhaps, Eugeo’s consciousness/Fluctlight fled into the Internet in fragments that can be reassembled (Like that one time Jarvis was killed by Ultron in The Avengers) and he can be made whole once more.

Maybe Eugeo’s consciousness escaped into another server that was hidden somewhere in the building. Fans can only hope that one day we will see Eugeo alive again in another virtual world, or if we’re very lucky Eugeo’s consciousness could even be transferred into a robot body and he could meet Kirito in the real world.

As for Yuuki…maybe her consciousness escaped into the Internet or someone did a scan of her brain and downloaded her consciousness into ALO.

L was a world-renowned detective who took on the mission of catching the mass murderer known as Kira. In his investigation, L became suspicious of Light Yagami and made it his goal to prove Light was Kira.

Death Note anime became known as a cult detective thriller by fans. What kept the audience on the edge of their seat was the game of wits between the God of the New World (Light) and his genius, oddball rival (L). Every move they made brought them closer to either exposure or death.

Although L came very close to revealing Light’s true identity and winning their game L didn’t live to see Light’s downfall. Kira/Light used Ram’s protective nature for Misa to his advantage, manipulating her so that she was forced to use her Death Note to kill L. Light may have reveled in his rival’s tragic demise but the fans did not.

L as a Shinigami.
L depicted as a Shinigami. Pic credit: @aliwildgoose.deviantart.com

2. Light – Death Note

While a lot of fans mourned L’s death, perhaps even more mourned Light’s. After the movie’s special Director’s Cut fans began to theorize that when Light died he actually became a Shinigami. If this is true maybe L could be brought back as a Shinigami in a sequel to Death Note, too.

There are little hints throughout the series that suggest that Light’s destiny was to become a Shinigami. In the second anime opening Light is seen standing in the middle of the Shinigami World. That seems like a clue letting fans know where Light will end up when he dies.

In the beginning of the series, Ryuk said to Light, “I wouldn’t worry. Even without the eyes and wings, you’re already a worthy Shinigami.”

Later Ryuk said, “What I’m saying is, compared to that, you’re becoming a much more impressive Shinigami.”

Light said, “I don’t know about that. I mean, from what you’re telling me, it sounds like I’m doing a lot more work than they are, but uh I don’t want to be compared to a Shinigami.”

In the Death Note movie, Director’s Cut, a no-name Shinigami appears. He’s wearing a jacket, a red tie to keep his brown hair back, and a shoulder bag that all resemble items that Light used to wear with his school uniform. Light’s eyes used to turn red when he became crazed and the Shinigami’s eyes are also red.

A no name Shinigami that appears in the Death Note movie.
A no-name shinigami that appeared in the Death Note movie. Pic credit: Studio Madhouse

In the movie when the no-name Shinigami appears he asked a group of Shinigami where Ryuk is because he heard that he went to the human world. At the time of Light’s death he limped up a set of stairs and the no-name Shinigami is seen limping up a set of stairs, perhaps mirroring that moment on purpose.

The no-name Shinigami tossed Ryuk an apple just like Light used to do all the time. Ryuk decided to tell him Light’s story – about how a man tried to change the world and how he became a god.

Ryuk started to say, “You were not a god. You were just…gone already.” He then laughed.

Later Ryuk said to the no-name Shinigami: “You should go and take a look. Someone might pick up the note if you are lucky and you get to see something you won’t forget for the rest of your life. Am I right, Light?”

There’s also an alternate ending where Light asks Ryuk to kill him because he’s tired of humans killing each other. When Ryuk kills Light he ends up in the Shinigami World. Ryuk explained to Light that his punishment will be experiencing pain and death the same amount of times he’s killed people.

Light panicked and said he wanted to make a deal with the Shinigami King. Light explained to Ryuk that he has time to try and find the king because he’s killed a lot of people. Ryuk seemed impressed, called Light amazing and he and Light begin their quest to find the Shinigami King. Fans believe Light must have found him and become a Shinigami.

Light depicted as a shinigami.
Light is depicted as the no-name Shinigami. Pic credit: @HollowCN

It should come as no surprise to the otaku reading this article that Ace gets the top spot for anime characters we want to be resurrected. Portgas D. Ace, born Gol D. Ace, and nicknamed Fire Fist Ace was the sworn older brother of Luffy and Sabo. He was also the son of Portgas D. Rouge and the late Pirate King, Gol D. Roger.

With Ace’s charming and funny personality and rugged good looks he quickly won fans’ hearts. He also had the strange quirk of falling asleep at random times, which fans found strangely endearing.

Ace falls sleep in his soup.
Ace falls asleep into his soup. Pic credit: Toei Animation

When Ace finally met the Straw Hats fans were instantly won over by how polite Ace was to everyone. Ace perched himself on the railing of the ship and said, “Oh, why hello everyone. I trust my little brother has been in your care.”

Straw Hats: “Yes, he has.”

Ace: “He has no manners so he’ll probably end up burning your hands a few times.”

Straw Hats: “Yes, he has.”

Sanji: “For now you’ve probably got some small talk to share. Wanna come inside? I’ll make some tea.”

Ace: “Oh no, don’t worry about it. But I appreciate your consideration.”

Right away, Ace separates himself from a lot of people in the One Piece universe by simply being extra kind and polite to Sanji (who doesn’t love Sanji and wants him to get the kindness he actually deserves?). In the following scene where Luffy and Ussop are playing with their food, Sanji scolds them and tells them they should help with the dishes.

Ace to Sanji said, “Want me to help with anything?”

Sanji’s expression turned surprised and he smiled. “No, you’re a guest on this ship. Just sit back and take it easy.”

Ace said, “Alright.”

After that Ussop and Luffy are shown washing dishes but unfortunately with dirty rags. Most of the Straw Hats tend to take it for granted that Sanji is cooking three meals a day for them AND doing the dishes. (Let’s face it, folks, he’s practically their slave!) Ace immediately seemed to notice how Sanji takes care of everyone and wants to help. This made Ace extra likable to fans.

Hunted by the World Government for being the Pirate King’s son, Ace was captured and sentenced to be executed, which resulted in the Summit War of Marineford, an all-out clash of powers – Whitebeard’s forces VS the Marines and Seven Warlords.

When Luffy heard about Ace’s scheduled execution he immediately set out to save his brother. Luffy defeated many enemies and even managed to achieve the impossible – he freed Ace. However, Luffy could only watch in horror as Ace stood in the way of an attack from Marine Admiral Akainu that was meant for him. Ace gave his life so that his brother could escape and fans still aren’t over it.

Luckily, this is the world of One Piece so there’s still hope. Every season new Devil Fruits are discovered with new powers. Who is to say there isn’t a Devil Fruit with the ability to resurrect Ace?

Ace depicted as a zombie.
Ace is depicted as a zombie. Pic credit: @atomiccirus-tattoo.com

A Necro Necro Fruit would have the ability to give its user the powers of Necromancy. Tombstone ‘Graveyard’ Grim, a Vice Admiral of the Marines has eaten the Human Human Fruit, which gave him zombie-like powers and the ability to infect living organisms with the Zombie Virus, which turns them into zombies.

Could Ace be brought back as a zombie in One Piece? Fans can only keep their fingers crossed and hope that Eiichiro Oda will listen to his fans’ pleas.


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