A VC offers advice on 8 strategies for founders in challenging times

I recently returned from Silicon Valley, where I had enlightening conversations with a wide variety of founders and investors.

These discussions shed light on the challenges technology startups face in today’s funding landscape.

With venture capitalists (VCs) taking longer to respond and valuations subdued, it’s critical for founders to approach these obstacles with resilience and strategic thinking.

In this piece, I want to provide practical guidance to help technology founders navigate this challenging environment and emerge stronger.

Understand the changing dynamics

In the ever-evolving startup ecosystem, founders need to understand the reasons behind current funding challenges. Economic uncertainty, market saturation and evolving investor preferences play an important role.

By recognizing these factors, founders can gain valuable insights and adjust their strategies accordingly.

Recent discussions with founders and investors have exposed the downstream impact of major tech companies shedding staff, particularly affecting startups that rely on their sales.

Promote resilience and perseverance

Founders must develop resilience and perseverance as they navigate the funding landscape.

History has shown that successful founders often encounter obstacles along their journey. By remaining unwaveringly determined and committed to their vision, founders increase their chances of securing the funding they need.

While the current environment can be challenging, it is important to remember that persistence can lead to extraordinary results.

Strategic approach to investor engagement

Founders should take a proactive and strategic approach when approaching potential investors.

Thorough research is key to identifying VCs that match the industry or growth stage. Personalizing communications and demonstrating a deep understanding of the investor’s focus and investment thesis helps founders differentiate themselves.

Based on my conversations with the founders of Silicon Valley, anecdotes highlighted the power of personalized communications to capture investor attention amid a sea of ​​opportunity.

Building strong proof-of-concept & traction

In today’s environment where there is more competition for capital, founders should focus on building a strong proof-of-concept and demonstrating traction. Recent conversations with founders emphasized the importance of tangible results.

Founders should focus on achieving strong unit economics in terms of user acquisition, revenue growth, and product development to demonstrate their potential for future success and overcome valuation concerns.

Diversification of funding sources

To overcome funding challenges, founders must explore alternative sources of funding beyond traditional VCs.

Conversations with founders and investors showed the importance of considering angel investors, crowdfunding platforms and government grants. Diversifying funding sources not only reduces risk, but also expands networks and opens up new opportunities.

Collaborate with strategic partners

Strategic partnerships with established companies or corporate entities can provide startups with valuable resources, networks and expertise.

Collaborations offer more than just financial support; they accelerate growth and open doors to new markets.

Adjust valuation expectations

In the current financing landscape, realistic valuation expectations are essential.

Matching valuations to market conditions will increase your chances of attracting investors. Founders should focus on building a strong business foundation, delivering value and demonstrating their ability to provide innovative solutions.

Using non-financial support

Founders must recognize the non-financial support of VCs over capital.

Mentorship, industry connections and operational guidance are invaluable resources that can contribute to long-term success. Conversations with investors and founders emphasized the importance of leveraging this non-financial support.

Partnering with investors who provide these additional benefits gives founders a competitive edge on their path to success. This becomes especially crucial in uncertain times, as startups can benefit from the expertise and guidance of their investors.

While the current funding landscape for startups can present challenges, there is reason for optimism. By embracing some of the above ideas and maintaining a positive outlook, founders can overcome obstacles, secure their needed funding, and realize their vision of building impactful and successful technology startups.

  • Benjamin Chong is a partner at a venture capital firm Right click Capitalinvestors in bold and visionary tech founders.