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A layman’s guide to VPN and how to use it

A layman's guide to VPN and how to use it

As much as the internet makes things easier, there is a disadvantage towards it. The growth is directly proportional to: issues related to cybersecurity† Hackers and other third parties are always waiting to snoop in and see your private data. Giants like Google and Apple openly admit they use your data for personalize ads† Fortunately, this guide to VPN has the solution.

What is the best way to prevent your personal information from being misused? Use a virtual private network. A VPN is a computer junkie’s best friend. Someone who doesn’t have much information about what it is considers it a mystery.

However, despite the abbreviation that makes such a connection sound like a difficult concept to understand, a VPN is a fairly simple term. Show statistics that VPN use has only increased over the past year. Let’s take a closer look at what a VPN is, what it does and more.

What is a VPN?

A Virtual Private Network allows people to surf the Internet anonymously. This equates to safer browsing with little to no chance of interference from third parties or hackers. What this service does is it routes your internet connection through another server, allowing you to browse privately, not revealing your online actions to prying eyes.

Your ISP also cannot see which sites you visit in the presence of a VPN. So if you use your laptop in any bar, you don’t have to worry about the internet service provider knowing where you are online.

This is how a VPN works: the service ensures that your data is encrypted even before the ISP can check it out. Instead of going straight to your online destination, entered data is then routed through your VPN, where it ends up everywhere online.

What does this mean? Your internet destination cannot find out your location because the location of your VPN service has been chosen. In addition, you can browse securely and privately with your data encrypted.

Using a VPN

Did you know that a high proportion of VPN users use the service to browse entertainment sites? 50% of people use a VPN connection for this. 34% of people use it to log into social networks or explore news sites. And 31% of VPN users use it for anonymous browsing.

A Virtual Private Network allows users to access more content on streaming services, it keeps data private and secure and does not reveal your access location. That’s not all, a VPN connection has many more uses. This guide to VPN will examine some of these below.

Never browse at a snail’s pace:

When too many people stand to access a website, network traffic is monitored and bandwidth congestion is reduced by your ISP. This causes slow buffering, file sharing, etc. With a VPN, you can avoid bandwidth throttling as your location changes and you are not considered part of the crowd.

Hide your activities:

It’s no secret that Google, Bing, and other search engines show ads based on what you search online. So if you’ve searched for antidepressants, chances are a related pill or therapy app will show up as an ad. This can be embarrassing if other people around you notice the ads being shown to you and find out about your searches. A better idea? Use a VPN and stay safe. You can also avoid tracebacks with a VPN.

Surf everywhere

Does your country restrict certain websites and online platforms? With a VPN, you can pretend you’re from another country and have unlimited surfing. When you travel abroad, you can access all the websites that you can do in your home country, but not abroad. Therefore, you can bypass any blockage anywhere in the world.

Get cheaper prices:

The online world is also an unfair place. Browsing from another country can help you avoid unfair price differences. Changing your location can help you book a holiday for less, as prices vary from country to country. The same goes for online shopping. You can pick up products at better prices by changing your location through a VPN.

Keep your privacy

Privacy is your right. Your personal conversations may not be disclosed to third parties. Your voice calls via Skype should not be heard by anyone else. An insecure public Wi-Fi connection shouldn’t allow a hacker to see what you’re up to. This is one reason why you need a VPN guide. Your searches should not be logged. You can keep all of this private and encrypted with a VPN service.

How do you get a VPN for cheap?

There are multiple VPN providers. Go for cheap and reliable connections that offer more options for less. Make sure your final choice is one that is safe and not vague at all. That being said, NordVPNand Ivacy are among TechRadar’s list of the best VPN service providers of 2018. Cyber ​​Ghost and Private internet access are other VPN providers you can check out.

To take advantage of the best deals, check for sales or collect available coupons. You can get a discount with VPN coupons. This VPN guide recommends that you avoid providers that offer free services, as they either offer limited security or they could also be scams that fish for your personal information and sell it to third parties.


When it comes to security, you should take all possible measures. Your online presence and activities can be protected using a Virtual Private Network. Such a connection also provides other services. VPNs not only keep you safe, but also protect you from bandwidth throttling, unfair pricing policies, hacker attacks, and other problems.

I’ll end this VPN guide with an important note. You need to choose the right VPN and it means the one that doesn’t capture your information or has a murky history of being questionable to its users. Do your research, choose the right VPN and browse.


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