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I Still Can’t Get Over These 13 Deaths From ‘The Originals’

Were you moved by these?

There are vampires, werewolves, and witches all living in New Orleans on the TV show The Originals. Watching The Vampire Diaries spin-off will help you understand. Fans like myself will have to say goodbye to the show at the end of season five. See you then, crying.

It was a perfect match for TVD, so I instantly fell in love with the show. New Orleans is the setting for the Original Family. Klaus, Elijah, and Rebekah (along with their many other siblings and extended family) have been on our screens for what feels like a lifetime.

“The Originals” Showed How Important Siblings Are 10 Different Times

In this show, we have seen love, heartbreak, anger, betrayal, and of course death. Throughout the seasons, so many beloved characters have passed away, and each one still hits home.

Death of the first character was shocking, but no one was prepared for the death of cherished and beloved characters. Here is a list of some of the most shocking or heartbreaking deaths in the TV series. Get ready for a tear or two. There will be spoilers!

1. The season 3 episode 19 of Cami O’Connell

Why did her beloved Cami have to die in the first place? (Oh look, I see you, all those Klaroline shippers). Cami was bit by Lucien when he turned into the beast and turned into the beast. I wept easily from then on as her death had happened slowly. In earlier seasons, I preferred her, but once she realized she was dying, I couldn’t stand it. In that scene, Leah Pipe’s acting killed me, and Joseph Morgan held his own emotion along with her. Cami had been Klaus’s guiding light, especially when it came to Hope and convincing him she needed him. I’ll always remember you, Cami.

2. Davina Claire (Episode 11 of Season 1)

In season one, Davina was a little girl who had power over everyone in town. Then the Harvest happened. To spread the magic, she needed to complete the harvest. Sophie cut Davina’s throat, but she and the other young witches would all live again, right? Not in her case. Her ancestors refused her request, and everyone cried. I was so shocked that I didn’t begin to cry until the scene between Marcel and Klaus. Marcel had been her adoptive father so to speak and was devastated that she was dead and that he couldn’t bring her back. She didn’t stay dead for very long, and she came back for good.

3. “Finn Mikaelson” (Episode 17 of Season 3)

The Mikaelson everyone seems to dislike or forget is Finn Mikaelson. In season 3, he showed up for a short time but did not last long. Lucien was on the roll and bit him, which made his death a surprise since he was a Mikaelson. Finn was supposed to have been healed by Klaus’s blood, but the venom worked twice as fast, killing him within hours. Particularly moving was when they scattered his ashes on the bridge and each made a vow. Mikaelson siblings have proven themselves always and forever…Until the end of time.

4. The castle of Lucien (Episode 20 of Season 3)

I think a lot of people can agree that he’s my favorite villain throughout the series. He was charming, sarcastic, cruel and very attractive. Although Lucien wasn’t the true beast, he had become the beast that the prophecy had described. He had threatened to kill Hayley and Klaus (as well as the mother of his child), but the Mikaelson siblings saved the day. Since they put Lucien through so much pain for a thousand years, I had a soft spot for him. Hopefully you’ll appear in the finale.

5. Marcel Gerard (Episode 21 of Season 3)

This is probably an unpopular opinion, but Marcel is my favorite character in the entire show. He is not a blood relative of Klaus Mikaelson, but Klaus took him in and raised him like his own son. For a moment there, I was cheering for him during season 3 when he became the beast that would end the Mikaelson family. Because Elijah believes Marcel has not taken the serum yet, he rips out his heart and lets his body fall to the bottom of the river. When I was panicking that my favorite character was dead, I was pleasantly surprised to find out that he wasn’t actually dead. He was still King of New Orleans.

6. Episode 20 of Season 3 of Davina Claire

Yes, I counted both times that Davina died in the show, but this was a more permanent death (until the end of season 4Freya and Elijah had to figure out how to kill Lucien, so they took Davina’s power and removed the serum from Lucien.en. But the worst part was Marcel trying to figure out how to bring her back to life since Kol had killed her. Watching Davina scream and cry out Marcel’s name and seeing him unable to help, ugh, hand me the tissues.

7. Gia (Episode 21 of Season 2)

Hayley wasn’t Elijah’s first girlfriend. Who remembers her? After turning her down, Marcel left the babysitting job to Elijah, who ended up taking a liking to her. For some reason, I really shipped this couple, and I was hoping she would stay. No, Klaus spoils everything. His act of ripping Gia’s daylight ring off and forcing her into the sunlight with Elijah right in front of him proved to Aunt Dahlia that he was ruthless. I cannot think of anything more depressing than that.

8. Episode 10 of Season 3: Jackson Kenner

Honestly, I never liked Jackson the character, but that didn’t mean I didn’t feel bad for him when he died. Hayley and Jackson had married and raised Hope together despite the Mikaelsons’ interference. After his I love you speech, Tristan ripped Jackson’s heart from his chest. Hayley had been competing with Elijah for her love and Tristan momentarily won it. Tristan wanted his revenge against Hayley and ripped Jackson’s heart from his chest. Jackson was a character with good qualities running through him, and his passing was sad.

9. Col Mikaelson (Episode 14 of Season 2)

During the TVD/TO universe, Kol has died prior to, but this one I felt was more upsetting than the previous one. Due to his possession of a witch named Kaleb, he had been hexed and would die a slow, painful death. During that time, he had fallen in love with Davina, and they were so happy, which made the whole situation worse. While inhabiting Eva’s body, she and Rebekah tried saving him but nothing worked, and both Kol and Kaleb died and went to the ancestor world. Don’t worry though, Kol is back in his original body.

10. (Season 1, Episode 18) Thierry Vanchure

Thierry probably slipped your mind, right? Marcel’s loyal vampire deserved much better, and for that I will fight to the death. Marcel had been exiled from the Crescent City by Klaus and Elijah, and Thierry wanted to help him get it back. Mikaelson Elijah ripped his heart out as Marcel decided to disrupt a festive in the city, and Marcel watched as he did so. I wish he would have stuck around longer because his loyalty was great, but I didn’t get my wish.

11. (Season 1, episode 19) Kerran O’Connell

I came to love Cami’s Uncle, who was the original Vincent in season one. While he held his ground and stayed very mutual, there is no fair ending to this show. Kieran was hexed by the witches and later turned into a vampire. Klaus attacked his niece while trying to save her and stabbed him to death. In addition to Cami, Klaus and Marcel who had scenes with him and seemed to get along (mostly Marcel) were affected by it as well. She did not only lose her Uncle, but also her brother Sean and herself in the later seasons.

12. Asien (Season 2, Episode 19)

Josh, another favorite vampire in the city of New Orleans. It was exciting when he got a boyfriend during season 2 since he was a werewolf and Josh was a vampire (They weren’t allowed to be together). To live happily ever after, they made a pact to leave town. Dahlia Mikaelson, the Mikaelson’s Aunt, broke the plan by ripping Aiden’s heart from his chest and framing Klaus for it. No one saw that coming. It would have been nice to have seen them have the life they wanted.

13. Michael Mikaelson (Season 4, episode 9)

Mikaelson… where do I even begin? I used to love and hate him, but now he is my least favorite (I know, fight me on this one). When Sofya, who was possessed by the Hollow, stabbed Elijah by the thorned stake, things began to deteriorate. Too complicated and confusing to explain, but Elijah ended up dead for a few episodes. I honestly thought he was out for good, but a Mikaelson is never out.


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