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10 tips to drive more visitors to your physical store

10 tips to drive more visitors to your physical store

In this age of online shoppers, running a brick and mortar store seems challenging and unprofitable. The younger generation finds online shopping convenient because the goods are delivered to where they are.

Brick-and-mortar stores rely on their real-time shoppers visiting stores for their purchases. Likewise, many customers prefer in-store shopping rather than online shopping. According to a recent study71% of shoppers spend more than $50 in stores, but only 54% of shoppers prefer to spend more on online shopping.

Here are the ten tips that will help your brick-and-mortar stores attract more traffic and generate more revenue.

10 tips to drive more visitors to your physical store

Using search platforms – google/apple maps

Brick and mortar shop foot traffic platforms

According to a survey conducted by GroundTruth, location and convenience are the two factors influencing brick-and-mortar shopping. Most of the customers who wanted to buy in the store preferred to shop nearby.

It is surprising to note that in 90% of purchases in stores, 53% of purchase decisions are made after checking online. This confirms that it is better for retailers to use digital technology to share information about their products online on their websites. It will help to increase the number of retail visitors to their stores. Retail foot traffic data helps predict the trend of the day and understand the changing pattern in sales.

To get people to your store, start verifying your store’s location using map applications. Make sure your store appears in the right place on maps. The verified business list is displayed when someone searches for your store or your type of store. The listing includes information about your business, your location on the map, reviews, and photos of your store.

Shop signage

Foot traffic tips shop signage

Brick-and-mortar stores rely primarily on signage to display the brand name and entice customers to shop for groceries. Signage both outside and inside stores in the most attractive way can boost sales with the increased foot traffic.

Usually, signage hangs outside the store above the entrance or on windows. Attractive shop windows with the latest products attract passers-by and make them walk into the store to buy.

In-store signage displays advertisements about the products or directions on how to use the products or standards and procedures followed while using their products. Choosing your signage with focus will increase traffic and attract loyal customers to your store.

Well-maintained storefront

A neatly maintained shop window attracts more visitors to your store. Sparkling clean storefronts with neatly displayed items encourage window shoppers to check for the latest products.

The enriched look of your store should entice shop windows to enter the store and buy products. Maintenance of walls, windows, doors, shelves and tables should be a daily routine.

Installing feather flags on your storefront, a cost-effective way to promote your brick-and-mortar store, will increase your traffic. Feather flags with minimal text move with the wind to grab the attention of passers-by.

Importance of employee training

When everything is in order, it is important that your employees in the store are warm, polite and helpful. A poor customer experience can reduce the number of visitors and maximize your sales.

Regular training sessions for your employees on how to serve customers in your store should take place at least once a month. During this session, you can discuss how to better communicate with customers and help them buy to their liking.

Social media opportunities

Social media for pedestrian traffic in physical stores

In the digital world, online reputation has become a must for any business. Social media platforms provide excellent opportunities to inform your potential customers about your latest collection of products in your store. Today, customers check product availability online before visiting the physical stores in person to purchase products of their choice.

To drive more sales of your store products, you can ask customers to submit online reviews on the social media pages about their purchased products and their interaction with your store associates. You can reward them with gift cards or points that can be redeemed on their next purchase in your store.

For customers who visit your brick and mortar store, you can make space on your social media page to share their thoughts and opinions. Bringing your existing customers and potential customers together online provides an excellent opportunity to increase retail traffic while increasing sales.

In addition to interacting with your customers online, interacting with them face-to-face can help you stay ahead of the curve in sales. Your store should provide a space for your customers to hang out and spend extra time in your location.

Customer loyalty

By leveraging the loyalty of your repeat customers, you will get more visitors. Customers who are members of loyalty programs promote your brand to a greater extent. They consistently buy your products and recommend your products to their loved ones.

Loyalty programs help brick-and-mortar retailers nurture and build deeper relationships with their customer relationships. Interacting with customers helps retailers tailor promotions and drive more traffic to their stores. For customers who are enrolled in loyalty programs, your store may offer a gift or a discount or a special price for their purchase.

Working with social media influencers

Save Tips for Foot Traffic Influencers

To encourage in-store promotions, your brick-and-mortar store can interact with social media influencers, who have a specific audience. Sponsor posts in which social media influencers promote your products and present reviews. It will help to create brand awareness.

By identifying social influencers for your products, you can strengthen your online presence and indirectly influence the increase in traffic to your brick-and-mortar store. Your store can set up referral systems that reward social influencers for talking about your store.

Pick up online purchases

The latest trend is to buy online, pick up in store. It is an effective way for brick and mortar stores to increase the online purchase of products and the number of visitors in the local store. It connects the online and offline experiences of existing and potential customers.

In this pandemic era, buying online and in-store pickup has helped to promote a safer way of shopping by minimizing time spent in-store.

Offer store offers

Click-and-collect services in your brick-and-mortar stores will bring potential customers to your stores and attract more visitors.

The customers who choose the click and collect option when buying products from the online store and they can visit the store to pick it up.

According to a research, 50% of respondents preferred in-store pickupand 45% of respondents purchased additional products while collecting in-store.


Currently, while looking for new products, customers research them online and read reviews before going to the store.

Reviews on social media platforms encourage potential customers to enter the store and drive more traffic. It is better to note all the possible ways that will increase the number of visitors and bring significant profit to your store.


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