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10 innovative ideas for launching mobile apps

Innovative mobile app startup ideas

Today, in this world of technological revolution, we can no longer imagine life without mobile phones. The mobile app that we download and install on our smartphone makes use of our mobile phone for us.

Mobile apps play an important role in our daily lives. Using the mobile app, we can shop online, complete an online education, book our tickets and much more. The on-demand app development apps have made our life easy to perform various tasks with just one click.

By 2020, the mobile app development industry will integrate the latest technologies such as machine learning, artificial intelligence, and mobile applications to improve performance and make them more useful.

The on-demand delivery & services applications provide users with a variety of features and are sure to meet their needs. Today, you have several innovative ideas for mobile applications to choose your business and generate advanced revenue. Come on, let’s get started.

Applications for on-demand delivery and services

Such mobile apps connect customers to different service providers and vice versa. Moreover, they enable users to order any service and make fast deliveries such as ride booking apps, food delivery apps and more.

Let’s take a look at some on-demand mobile apps.

1. Blockchain Application

Blockchain app development has the potential to grow in all major sectors. So Bitcoin mobile app is the best to get. For example, a blockchain tax and billing application allows users to calculate the tax amount based on their income. In addition, there are many ideas for blockchain apps, such as gift and loyalty programs apps, notary apps, and more.

Top blockchain applications

  • algorithm
  • twin
  • chain analysis
  • Chain
  • BurstIQ
  • Media chain

2. Ecommerce Application

This is the best, easiest and most convenient way to buy an ecommerce app without leaving your home. The user can search any product, category, type, etc. on any online marketplace or mobile e-commerce apps. The list of eCommerce applications varies with a wide variety of products. The payment method is also simple; The user can pay online or opt for cash on delivery.

  • Amazon
  • eBay
  • Shopify
  • Wish
  • lens card

3. Advertising Application

One of the most effective channels for advertisers, the in-app advertising application grabs the attention of consumers. The ad management application and software are proving to be an ideal monetization tool for mobile publishers. Accordingly, mobile app developers are paid to place ads in their apps.

Best Advertising Apps

  • AdMob by Google
  • MoPub via Twitter
  • Verizon Media
  • media.net

4. Mobile Wallet App

Such apps are digital wallets that use a bank account or credit/debit card to pay easily and keep users’ data safe. With the innovative digital mobile wallet app, you can pay for any product online, pay bills, transfer money and do almost anything related to money exchange from anywhere, even if you are sitting at home. Online money transactions have become more accessible and faster through such apps, and all you need to do is use the one-tap feature and fast processing at the same time.

Top Mobile Wallet Apps

  • Google Pay
  • Android Pay
  • Apple Pay
  • paypal
  • Ali Pay

5. Food Delivery App

The on-demand food delivery apps are designed to increase restaurant productivity. It simplifies front and back office operations that help you perform other essential tasks. For example, restaurant management apps allow restaurant owners to manage their employees’ schedules and labor costs. In addition, these mobile apps help them manage their accounting, billing and inventory. You can also manage your social media account from one place. Thus, this app allows the restaurant owner to simplify his various restaurant tasks.

Top food delivery apps

6. Fuel and Gas Delivery Application

The fuel delivery application on demand is an on-demand gas delivery app that allows users to get fuel for their vehicles at the desired location. Such applications require simple registration and users can order fuel delivery online by sharing their address or location wherever they want.

Later, the user can also track the fuel delivery. Some fuel delivery services offer fuel delivery services and car maintenance services such as car wash services, engine cleaning, oil change services and many more.

Top applications for fuel and gas delivery

  • booster
  • Yoshio
  • gaston
  • Field
  • gaston

7. Taxi Booking App

You can easily book a taxi anytime and anywhere with your mobile. Taxi booking mobile app comes with various features that allow you to book a taxi according to your need such as how many seats you need, any color choice, any type of pool even if you are taking a ride with other passengers and much more. The passenger can follow the vehicle before boarding and while driving.

Top taxi booking apps

  • Hail
  • Uber
  • Screw
  • To push
  • Lift

8. Package Tracking Application:

On-demand parcel delivery app is essential for tracking driver delivering food, parcels, goods or couriers. You can check your driver’s real-time location and estimate the expected time to reach you. Today, the eCommerce industry is taking full advantage of the package tracking applications. If you want to stand out from the competition, you should invest in a package tracking application.

  • PackageTrack
  • TrackChecker
  • OnTracker
  • ship missile

9. Last Mile Delivery App

The Last mile delivery management application is the most important stage of a shipping journey. A few years ago, no one would even have thought it would be delivered on the same day, but thanks to Last-Mile Delivery Software Solutions, it is now a reality. However, last mile delivery solution is also the most expensive phase; It costs more than half of the total distribution costs.

Therefore, to ensure successful last-mile delivery, you need to bank on a cost-efficient delivery platform that delivers error-free on-time delivery. Digitizing your last-mile delivery allows you to automate and streamline all your business operations, improving efficiency.

Top examples of the last mile delivery app

  • Toucan
  • LogiNext
  • GSM tasks
  • onfleet
  • Track POD

10. Job Application App

This mobile app helps job seekers find the right job based on the details and resume added to the app. In addition, it becomes easier for companies with vacancies to recruit a qualified candidate for the position. Both job seekers and employers can use such apps and choose their preferences to suit their needs such as location, salary package, experience and more.

  • Indeed
  • Sample
  • TimesNow
  • LinkedIn

Final Thoughts

These are just a few Trending Innovative Startup Mobile App Ideas to Encourage Your Startup to Achieve Huge ROI. With the development of mobile apps, business brands can undoubtedly grow faster and you can earn money faster.

By now you must have realized that the easiest way to make money (billion/million dollars) is to develop a mobile app and launch it in a store. Hire a mobile app development company to promote your startup by creating an innovative mobile app based on the above ideas.


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